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  • February 19, 2022
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Ever since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, the entire education system has changed drastically. Students have started attending online classes, and their schedules have gone upside down.


We can say that the work from home culture that was initially created to safeguard people from the virus threat has immensely influenced the life of kids both academically and personally.


Under these circumstances, the most affected are students appearing for their boards in the academic year 2021-2022.


However, academic institutions have implemented strategies to ensure the students' overall grades are not affected.


But students are also making changes on the home front. They don't want their grades to be affected because of the sudden change in their routines.


Listed below are five simple strategies that students have implemented in their lives to ensure they score well on their boards in the year 2022.


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1. Stick to the Syllabus 


Soon after students started studying through online classes, the most significant difficulty they faced was a lack of guidance. To overcome this, it's best if you can stick to the syllabus provided to you.


Even if you have lesser knowledge of what will come in your boards, you can rest assured that it won't be something that is not in your syllabus.


Therefore, the easiest way to fare well in ICSE Board Exam 2022 | class 12 is to stick to your syllabus.



2. Take mock tests seriously 


When you are not attending regular classes on your campus, it isn't easy to assess how much you have learned actually till you appear for your exams.


Because you don't have teachers in front of you to test your skills every time you know a new chapter. This is another reason why most students fear that they won't be able to perform well in their exams.


However, there is an easy way to test how prepared you are for your boards. You should attend mock tests at regular intervals and take them very seriously. Your mock tests results will help you identify the areas which need improvement.



3. Self-Study 


Because you don't have a stipulation to attend classes when you are studying at home, self-study is your key to success if you want to score well in ICSE Board Exam 2022 | class 12.


There is no alternative to hard work, and you need to discipline yourself and start self-studying from day one to make sure you complete your syllabus in time.



4. Prepare a Schedule 


Students miss most in online classes by following a schedule. And lack of routine can eventually take a toll on your overall grades, mainly if you are appearing for your boards this year.


Therefore, your first job is to prepare a schedule for yourself. When it comes to making a routine, you don't need to stick to a day shift.


Some students are proactive in the early mornings, while others can be comfortable late at night.


Every student has a specific body clock. It would be best to keep your body clock in mind whenever you prepare a schedule.


Make sure that you pick and choose the hours when you are the most productive. Check and see if your routine works for you and make changes in the timings if required.



5. Cultivate hobbies to keep yourself motivated 


You get to participate in many extracurricular activities apart from your regular classes when you are in school. But when you are at home, your choices are limited for obvious reasons.


There is an old saying which says, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"


Therefore, you should make sure you cultivate hobbies that will help you stay motivated when you are preparing for your exams and take some time out to pursue them. These hobbies will help you stay fresh.


Apart from these things, you also need to keep an eye on the official website of ICSE and keep yourself updated all the time.


Because any change in routine regarding ICSE Board Exam 2022 | class 12 will be reflected on the official site, and it will give you ample time in hand to prepare yourself for the boards.


Moreover, if you do that, you don't need to chase your professors and peers for any information you need regarding ICSE Board Exam 2022 | class 12.




Boards are when students are nervous and tend to make mistakes.


It is pretty natural, but if you can follow these tips and plan your time judicially and keep yourself informed, your stress levels will go down, and it will be easier for you to fare well in your exams.


Most importantly, when you appear for your boards, you will be more confident than you imagined yourself.


Therefore, if you are appearing for your class 12 boards this year, don't forget to consider these points.







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