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How to Score Maximum in Class 12 English CBSE Board Exam 2023

How to Score Maximum in Class 12 English CBSE Board Exam 2023

  • October 06, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

How can you prepare for Class 12 English CBSE Board Exam 2023?

Is it going to be tough this time?

How can you score maximum in English?


1. Reading Section

This section is not easy, it appears to be but it’s not. The content is very long, and the questions are tricky. It is suggested that you read a lot of books and mostly guidebooks or sample papers to have enough practice before the actual Class 12 English CBSE Board Exam 2023. And once you're done practicing with these sample papers make sure to make notes out of your preparations. This will help in understanding the right preparation strategy for Class 12 English CBSE Board Exam 2023.

Start practicing reading passages from sample papers which are easily available in the market to enhance your preparation levels. Taking notes while preparing helps a lot. Students mostly lose marks in note making because the notes or points they create are too long, and they forget to use abbreviations, here mind maps could be extremely helpful.


2. Writing Section

It might not be conventional but one thing important to note here is that when students are given essays or articles to write, if you put in a couple of lines from the lyrics of a song or a phrase or a dialogue from a movie or something that is relatable, then teachers usually find it impressive. But it's also necessary to talk entirely about the topic and digress from it.

Students should start the content with a catchy phrase or a short story, when an articles or speech appears in Class 12 English CBSE Board Exam.


3. Literature Section 

For this section, you must read your books thoroughly and answer the questions in the NCERT textbooks. For the novel, you should understand all the questions behind every chapter of the novel. There is a well detailed summary at the end of every chapter in the novel.
This should help you to answer better in the examination.


Add on points: - When you solve sample question papers, (which you must) set a timer for 2 and a half hours and always complete your paper within that time.
Listen to English songs and watch a lot of English movies. This will most definitely improve your grammar and your understanding of the language.
If you watch movies with a lot of African American guys, who speak a lot of slang language, you will pick up the wrong material.

So, stick to the Books.


Recommended Books: https://oswaalbooks.com/products/oswaal-cbse-sample-question-papers-class-12-english-core-for-2023-board-exam-based-on-cbse-sample-paper-released-on-16th-september?variant=41913304154292


"All the best for Class 12 English CBSE Board Exam"



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