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  • February 07, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books



Every student was eagerly waiting for their semester 1 board results. CISCE has put an end to the long-lasting wait of students of class 10.


CISCE has released the class 10 semester 1 results on the official website.


The results have been published online at 10 am.


If you still haven't checked your result, then jump to the official website of CISCE and fill in your Index number, UID, along with the captcha code shown on the screen.


This will prompt you with your result screen page.


The result sheet will comprise the result status, marks, as well as your other credentials.


Take a deep breath after seeing your result!!


Whether you have scored good marks or average, don't feel disappointed in your performance.


This academic year is a golden opportunity for you to improve your score with the help of semester 2 exams.


Both the semesters will account for equal weightage, so, now your prime goal should be to conquer the semester 2 exams.


But, you must be thinking how can I achieve my goal?


Need not worry!! Keep on reading this blog till the end and you will find the optimum way to boost up your preparation.



Kick start preparation for semester 2 with sample papers


Many students will start panicking after seeing their semester 1 results.


But, you should remember that it was past and that is gone!!


Now, you still have a future in your hand and you can't ruin it by repenting for the past. Right?


Semester 2 exams are likely to be conducted in March or April 2022.


You only have a couple of months in your hand and you need to make the most out of these months to excel in your board exams.


Always remember that both the semesters are equally important and you have that golden opportunity and time in your hand to make an impact with the semester 2 exams.


In this situation, sample papers will act as a great boon for your preparation.


Firstly, download the syllabus from the official website of CISCE and complete your syllabus.


Sample papers are the practice papers that are exclusively designed as per the paper pattern that you will encounter on the day of exams.


But, you must be having that thought in your subconscious memory that are they helpful? How I can be benefitted from it? How are the sample papers going to help me in the preparation?


These are the genuine questions that can strike anyone's mind before grabbing the sample papers.


Let's take a look!



Importance of Sample Papers


This section will take you on a tour of the importance of sample papers for your board exams. By reading this till the end, I assure you that you will understand how the sample papers can shape your preparation journey.


1. Stay updated with changes


As we all know, due to the pandemic situation in the country, a lot of changes keep on occurring in the syllabus or the paper pattern.


You download the syllabus and the paper pattern from the official website and start preparing according to it. But, how will you know if some new typologies of questions are added to the question paper?


In such scenarios, sample papers come to your rescue.


They are designed as per the latest marking scheme and typologies so you get relief from exam anxiety and stay focused on your preparation.


Nowadays, markets are flooded with sample papers. You can't go and buy all the sample papers available in the market. Right?


So, for this, you need to be selective and informed enough to buy the best sample papers for your preparation.


You can even go for Oswaal sample papers as they are dedicatedly designed as per the latest curriculum.



2. Tracks performance


Sample papers act as a great asset to track your performance for the board exams.


When you start solving the sample papers, then you come across the areas where you are good at and also the areas where you are lacking.


This allows you to work upon your weak areas so you don't face such problems in the board exams.


In addition to that, the more you practice the more conceptual clarity you will gain.


Because, after preparation, you have the notion that you know everything about that topic. But, the reality is only tested when you solve the sample paper.



3. Offers time-management tactics


Semester 1 exams were conducted in the MCQ format so you might not be having that good flair in answer writing.


But, as you know that semester 2 exams will be conducted in a subjective format. So, you must be able to complete the exam in the stipulated time.


Because there is no use in knowing everything if you can put it on the exam sheet timely.


When you start solving the sample papers then, solve them in a time-bound fashion. This will help you come across the reality that whether you can finish the exam in time or not.  


So, before the actual day of the exam, you have the opportunity to work on your speed and accuracy to excel in exams.



4. Reduces exam fear


Have you been in a situation where as soon as you receive the question paper, you get blank?


The prime reason behind this is exam fear and lack of practice.


With the sample papers, you can overcome this fear with a lot of practice.


While solving the sample papers, create exam-like conditions around you and see how well you can perform.


This will help you become more confident about your preparation. And ultimately, you will perform exceptionally well on the day of the exam without getting blank.



5. Identify exam strategy


Every student is different and so does their exam strategy.


If one thing works for your friend then it might not work for you. So, how can you analyze what is your type of strategy?


Who can tell you that?


It's just you who can tell yourself about your type of strategy. And you can come across this strategy by solving the sample papers.


While solving the sample papers, you will realize whether you want to go for short questions or the long questions for the first place.


And, once you know your best genre, you can use it on the day of the exam and increase your efficiency and performance.


This will make you feel way more confident than ever before because now, you have a strategized plan to attempt the exam.





By now, you must have got an answer to all your questions. And now, you must have a fair idea of how sample papers can help you in your preparation journey.


So, without wasting even a single day or thinking about the semester 1 results, just go and grab the sample papers for semester 2.


Even if you are confused about which one to go for then, try giving a shot to the Oswaal sample papers to have meticulous preparation.


If you liked this blog, kindly share it among your friends to help them too. 



Get the best sample papers to ace your scorecard directly from here



All the Best!!


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