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  • June 20, 2022
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Engineering is one of the most opted careers for students in India. If you are someone who has opted for Non-medical in class 11th and 12th then you will surely understand the situation.

But, doing Non-medical is just the first step that will take you on the path of Engineering. This is a very diverse field and offers several branches for students to opt for.

Now, the major issue starts striving from this notion. Students don't get clarity that which stream of Engineering will suit them the most.

There are 34 recognized streams in Engineering that students can go for. Most of the time, students seek the assistance of their acquaintances to choose the right stream.

But, this is not fruitful in the long run!

If you want to choose the apt Engineering stream as per your capabilities and personalities then taking up the Engineering test is the best thing you can go for.

This test is designed by a panel of experts and will give you the best-suited options for you as per your personality and interest. So, this test is something that will advise you based on your requirements rather than someone else's caliber.

So, without any further delays let's have a look at how this test can help you select the best-suited Engineering branch for your needs.


Who can take the Engineering test?

The engineering test is primarily for the students who are facing the confusion of choosing the Engineering stream in the future.


Therefore, this test will predominantly target the students of classes 11th and 12th.

After you take this test, you will get a tailored report based on your responses to help you assist which Engineering will suit you best in the future.

You will be amazed to witness that this test will only charge you a nominal amount for taking the test and you only need to answer 100 questions to get your results.

Besides that, the report generated will comprise knowledge related to all the Engineering branches so you can easily compare them.


Salient features of Engineering test

The Engineering test is the most phenomenal test that you can take to have thorough knowledge about your working style in alignment with the type of streams offered in Engineering.

The report generated with this process will have some of the key benefits in store for your needs. Some of them are discussed below.


1. Extensive set of questions

With the Engineering test, you will encounter questions based upon situational explanations, physical concepts, partial pictures, visual assembly, and logical scenarios.

All these types of questions will collectively help you to get a result for the stream of your interest.

The questions will mostly contain a Yes or No answer in certain situations. In other situations, the option will be available as per the question. 

You will get three options about each question in the Engineering test that will help develop the report at the end.


2. Graphical depiction of choices

When you will answer the questions in the Engineering test, you will get a graphical report showing your interest in Engineering categories.

All these branches will be arranged in the form of a bar graph and by seeing the bar graph, you can have an idea regarding which is the best stream as per your thought process.


3. Tabular interpretation

You will get a detailed table in the report of the Engineering test showing your interest group and the scores you get in each group.

With each group, you will find the branches that come under the group to get an idea about the Engineering stream that you should opt for.

Even if you are not sure about the stream that you should go with, you can consult the counselor via telephonic conversation. The contact details of the counselor can be obtained from the generated report.


4. Engineering interest graph

As soon as you start answering the questions in the Engineering test, you will also lead towards the Engineering stream based on your interest levels.

You will get a graphical depiction showing your interest in various Engineering branches as very high, high, above average, average, below average, and very low.

This will give you a crystal clear picture of the branches that you can consider during your Engineering journey.


Final Thoughts

The engineering test will act as a great source to help you understand the areas where you are good at and where you can take your career forward.

This is something crucial that everyone should know otherwise most the students do opt for the wrong stream just in the peer pressure. 

So, it’s a great opportunity that you should avail of. Take this test as soon as possible and see where you are leading in your Engineering career.



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