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  • January 13, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


ICSE semester 1 exams are over.


Only you know from the heart how well you performed.


Anyhow, forget it!


Whether you were able to perform good or bad, you have the opportunity to perform better in semester 2.


This semester-wise pattern has offered you the privilege to know your weak areas from semester 1 and work upon them for semester 2.


Now, you must be doing everything for semester 2 – avoiding Netflix, doing Yoga, and maintaining a healthy diet!




Now, what else you need to improve your scorecard and get ahead of your classmates?


Question Banks!


And What’s the best time to prepare from Question Banks?


Right from the beginning of the semester 2!     


Enough with what let’s understand exactly why!



1. Offers Holistic Learning


Question Banks offer a gateway to provide you with great pool of questions according to the latest updates. When you possess these Question Banks from the beginning then you get the time and opportunity to learn MORE.


Yes, think about it.


When you are already done with your syllabus early, you have plenty of time to prepare and revise that.   


Also, as Question Banks cover all the important questions of previous board exams, hence you’ll have exam insight long before the exam itself.   


Then it will help you gain more focus on the chapters that are being discussed in the class.



2. Familiarity with most Likely Questions


With the Question Bank, you encounter some of the most important questions from the perspective of board exams in the chapter-wise format.


This format allows you to gradually prepare for the final exams!


Also, you can get familiar with the marking scheme and various typologies of the questions that are important for every chapter.


When you have this idea of the semester 2 exams from the beginning of the semester 2, then it will ultimately boost up your preparation and confidence too.



3. Concept Clarity


Now this is self-explanatory!


Question banks are a great source to make your concepts crystal clear.




You are studying any chapter or concept and if SUDDENLY you find difficulty, then you got Question banks!


For instance, while studying in the class you come across some important questions that you were unable to answer. Then you can refer to the question bank for this problem.


Question Banks have solved questions with proper explanations that will make your concept clear.


In addition to that, you will also find the topper's solved answers with proper do's and don'ts for the board exams. This will help you get acquainted with the different approaches to the same question


So, it is always advisable to stay ahead with the preparation from the initial days of semester 2.



4. Timely Preparation


When you prepare on time, you save a lot of time!


And you can invest that time on revisions.  


As soon as a chapter is taught in the class, just go through the entire questions of that chapter from the Question Banks.


This will help you gain more clarity about the chapter. Moreover, with Question Banks, you get the proper revision notes after every chapter.


This facility will help you go through the entire chapter in a single go in a hassle-free manner. And further, it will make you exam-ready.



5. A Forward Leap


Question Banks have come one step forward from the traditional ways of learning.


They offer you an innovative way of learning with mind maps, mnemonics, and concept videos.


With these new methodologies, the concepts will get stick to your mind and will stay in your memory for a long term.


This will ultimately help you to perform well in your exam.


So, always grab the question banks at the earliest to make an impact with your preparation.



Final Thoughts


Question Banks can help to make your preparation future-ready.


With these, you need not worry till the last moment to get familiar with the important questions from the board exam point of view.


You have all these questions handily just from the beginning of the term with the amazing question banks.


The hard work and dedication you put into the preparation will bore fruits for you if you combine it with the right preparation strategy.


Earlier you prepare, more confident and motivated you to become with your preparation. And in this way, you are left with a suitable amount of time to practice a large number of sample papers to test your preparation.


So, what are you waiting for?


Grab the question banks at the earliest and give a meaningful direction to your preparation, get directly from here!


If you liked this blog, kindly share it among your friends to help them too. 


All the Best!!




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