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  • December 30, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Board (ICSE Board) has recently wrapped up its first-semester exam.


Students have finally gotten relief from the endless study sessions and exam schedules.


But is this a time to relax?


Absolutely not!


Experts believe that it is better for students to keep themselves familiar with the study material and start preparing for the second semester right away. 




After appearing for the first semester, you must have gotten a better idea of the exam pattern.


Now you know that this time everything has changed.


You can improve your overall result by focusing on the second semester.


“I got pretty good amount of time to prepare for the second semester.”




“But I need time to relax!”




It is essential to give yourself a certain amount of rest throughout the study process, but it is also essential to prepare for challenges that are coming through.


Students try to mug up everything without understanding the concept.


This habit may lead you to a negative effect on your memory. YOU WILL FORGET CONCEPTS!




You’ll start forgetting concepts if you do not establish a relationship between your study material.


Now what to do?


Use Concept Mapping Technique!


According to the research conducted on various study models and techniques, concept mapping is considered one of the most effective methods to study and remember everything for a really long time. 


Concept mapping works on the basic concept of establishing relationships between the elements you are studying.


Use different visual elements to draw a connection between study materials and retain what you have learned.


It is a highly personalized concept, and you can customize it as per your ideas and thought processes.



Follow these steps –


1. Start making a list of essential headings, definitions, charts, diagrams, and everything you plan to remember to improve your answers. You can look through your lecture notes, class materials, online material, and test papers to gather good-quality study material. 

2. Make a list in such a way that you remember what you are writing. You can use digital notes or make notes with the usual pen and paper. 

3. Now, use a chart or whiteboard where you write the central concept in the center and put it in a box or circle. Start writing other sub-topics or ideas that are directly related to that topic. 

4. You can establish the relationship on the basis of the hierarchy. For instance, if you are working on a concept of chemistry, put the main idea in between, and start putting other supportive concepts around it. 

5. When you have made a circle of ideas that are related to the central concept, make another circle of things that are attached to the sub-ideas. Your figure would start to look like a sun with rays, where the sun would denote your main concept, and the rays would be the relationship between your central concept and other sub-topics. 

6. Do it for all the important topics and go through them before your exams. It would help you in quick revision and would help you retain a great amount of study material in a very effective way.



Finally, Use Sample Question Papers! 


Another effective way to prepare for your second semester is using sample papers to get a better idea of the course, exam pattern, and curriculum.


But you must be thinking that with such a great amount of change introduced in exam patterns, there are not many sample papers that have included the new pattern.


Fear no more!


There are certain sample papers, such as Oswaal solved question papers, that have included new exam patterns for better results.


Go through them systematically and try to solve one question paper in one sitting.


It would help you get a time estimate of solving your question paper in exams. Study regularly with periodic intervals in between.


Best of luck for your exams!



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