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  • March 29, 2022
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Technology is emerging in every way around you!


Whether you are a student, teacher, working professional, or engaged in any other activity, you can find the power of technology around you.


With the pandemic breaking out in the country, technology has become an integral part of students' lives. Everything has gone online ranging from studying to taking exams.


If you are a teacher, then you must have encountered some scenarios where this technology acts as a bane rather than a boon. 


But, still, you can’t neglect the power of technology for education!


Now, the question that must be striking your mind is how can I use this technology in the classroom? Will it work? Are there any benefits of using it?


If these are some questions that are haunting you then you have landed at the apt page.


Just stay glued to this blog till the end and you will find an answer to all your queries by the end of the blog you will have a handful of ways to use the technology in your classroom.



What is meant by integrating technology in the classroom?


Before deep-diving into further details of how to use technology in the classroom, you must have a clear idea about what does technology integration means in the classroom.


It is a way of using various types of technologies in the classrooms so that you can enhance the students' learning experience.


By integrating technology in education, you get a whole new method of engaging students in classroom learning.


This will act as a great blessing for offering an innovative yet engaged learning experience for students.



Ways to integrate technology in the classroom


Most of the teachers become a bit hesitant when it comes to using technology in the classroom.


The major reason behind this is that they are not much aware of how they can incorporate technology in the classroom for an enhanced learning experience.


But, need not worry!! We have got your back and below are some of the top-notch ways discussed that will help you to use the power of technology to its maximum potential for your classroom.


So, let’s get started!!



1. Using PowerPoint Presentation and Games


PowerPoint presentations are a great tool that can help you engage students in the classroom.


For example, you want to deliver a lecture on quadratic equations in the classroom. For this, you can make a presentation with bulleted points and enhanced graphics.


You can even add video links to the presentation.


This will help the students remain engrossed with the topic and they will understand things in a better fashion.


You can even help the students learn new concepts with the help of some online gaming platforms. There is 'n' number of platforms you can find.


In these types of platforms, students need to anonymously enter the game and play. This will not only help them in learning but will also encourage class participation.



2. Giving online assignments


You can start giving assignments to the students using online platforms like Google Classroom. This will help them keep a track of their assignments and complete them in an organized fashion.


It will also ease your work of compiling the assignments because you can track all of them under a single roof. This is one of the most amazing ways in which you can integrate technology in the classroom.



3. Level the class environment


You precisely know that every student is different and so do their learning capabilities. With the assistance of technology, you can set the same level for every student.


Every student can use the tablet to learn new things in the classroom. They can learn things at their own pace which will not make them feel neglected.


This will help to boost their confidence in learning in the classroom and they won't hesitate to ask questions for better clarity.



4. By using the smart boards


Smartboards have become a new normal for classroom learning. With the help of smart boards, you can easily deliver engaging content to the students.


In addition to this, you have the privilege of conducting polls or quizzes in the classroom. This will help you easily analyze how much content is grasped by the students.


If they are lacking somewhere then what's the reason behind the same and you can repeat those concepts in the classroom for better understanding of students.



5. Easily communicate with the families


Those days are when you need to wait for the parents' teacher meeting to discuss the progress report of the students.


With the help of technology, you can discuss the progress of the students with their families anytime. It's not a one-way process.


You can use newsletters or emails to contact the parents and share the scorecards of various tests or other progress reports with parents in real-time.


This will allow the parents to have a look at the performance of their child and consult with the teacher if they have any sort of doubts.



6. Advancing career opportunity


Using technology in the classroom will not only help in a better learning experience for students but will also help you advance your career prospects.


This will help you enrich your teaching experience with technical skills that will help you in the long run. You will also learn a lot from technology and the underlying principle behind it by using it in the classroom.



Benefits of using technology in the classroom


Technology not only offers an engaging learning experience to the students. But, it also has various benefits that make it an indelible part of your classroom.


Let’s have a look at some of the benefits!


1. Keep students engaged


Whether you give an individual task to the students or assign some group activity to them, technology has the power to keep them engaged for a longer duration.



2. Offer different learning styles


Every student has something unique about their learning style. And, technology opens the door for the students to learn according to their preferred mode.


This will give them more confidence and they can learn according to their capabilities.



3. Makes life easier


With the massive emergence of technology, students' lives have become much easier. Nowadays, there is not even a single day when technology is not used.


When students come across different types of technologies in the classroom, then it opens various doors for them in the future. In addition to that, they become more confident in using the technology around them.





Technology is one of the greatest boons for your classroom.


You can use the above-mentioned ways to integrate and use technology in the classroom and see what it has in store for you.


It will help to make better relation with the students and see where they are lacking. This will allow you to help them in the core areas where they are facing problems.


Try this technology in your classroom and do write us in the comment section what you feel about it!!






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