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CBSE Question Bank Class 12 Maths 2022-2023

How to prepare Maths Chemistry for Class 12 Board Exam?  

If you are appearing for CBSE Class 12 exam and wondering how to score above 90 in Maths Class 12 CBSE, you have come to the right place. Mathematics requires a thorough understanding of the theories and the application of formulas. Students are usually afraid of Mathematics as it involves solving numerical problems.

Maths is a unique subject in a way that students can score from 0 marks to even 100 marks based on their preparation scale. So, it becomes essential to understand the underlying concept rather than rote learning.

With knowledge of the underlying theories and proper practice, you can score good marks in Class 12 Maths.

Go through the following points to learn about how to prepare for the Maths board exam Class 12:

  • Try to be thorough with the basic concepts of the entire CBSE Class 12 Maths syllabus. Put extra effort into mastering the higher-weightage topics. List out all the concepts and topics for every single chapter.
  • The NCERT 12th Maths textbook is your Bible. Before moving on to any other secondary reference books like CBSE Question Bank Class 12 Maths 2022-2023, try to understand the theory behind all the concepts for each chapter from the NCERT book.
  • While studying the various chapters, make a note of the Class 12 Math formula. This will help in better retention. Also, you will find it extremely useful during revision.
  • Understand and practice the derivation of the formulas. Remember the formulas by heart.
  • Go through the example problems to understand how to approach the different types of problems in each chapter. 
  • Start solving the questions at the end of the chapter. Refer to the Class 12 NCERT Maths Solutions & CBSE Question Bank Class 12 Maths 2022-2023 if required. Follow the steps and understand the application of concepts behind solving. If you have an alternate approach to the problem, go ahead and try it.
  • Once you have finished the basic syllabus, start practicing mock tests and see how much time you take on every problem.
  • Improve on your weak areas and speed of solving problems.

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Remember that Maths is all about practice. The more you practice, the better you understand the related concepts and the application of formulas, and the better you get. This article also provides tips on how to score 90 or above in Maths in Class 12. 

How to Score Above 90 In Maths Class 12 CBSE: Expert Tips

Keep the following points in mind while you are preparing for CBSE Class 12 Mathematics:

  • Never try to learn any shortcuts to solve problems directly. You will tend to forget them. As you practice diligently, you will discover the shortcuts yourself. Shortcuts learned this way will have better retention.
  • Do not just memorize the formulas; understand the concept behind them and practice their derivation as well.
  • Solve as many CBSE Question Bank Class 12 Maths 2022-2023 questions as possible of different kinds.
  • Mark the questions that you find difficult and revise them regularly. Do not stress much. If you fear those types of questions, practice them until you are perfect.
  • Even if you have mastered a particular chapter, concept, or topic, revise, and practice them regularly. Otherwise, you might forget them.
  • Practice solving questions in a time-bound manner.
  • Clear your doubts from your teachers or friends.
  • Do not practice reference books immediately. NCERT is more than enough, but you need to finish it from beginning to end. However, if you do not understand a particular type of problem or are weak in any concept, then go for reference books.
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