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3 Tips to prepare for CLAT 2021 without coaching

3 Tips to prepare for CLAT 2021 without coaching

  • June 08, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

After a lot of anticipation and constant speculations about the date for CLAT 2021, the Executive Committee of the Consortium of National Law Universities met on 6th January 2021 has decided to reschedule the exam to 13th June 2021 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This decision has been made due to clashes with the CBSE 2021 Board Exams. 


CLAT is a centralized national level entrance test for admissions to National Law Universities (NLU) in India. Most private and self-financed law schools in India also use these scores for law admissions.


What is it about CLAT coaching classes that make them absolutely indispensable for cracking CLAT? Is there anything that they teach or provide the students with additionally that is not achievable otherwise? No. Students who are sincere and determined are capable enough to not only pass the CLAT test but pass with flying colours. What they need is the right guide who provides them with stellar study materials and tools that no one else can.


That is where Oswaal Books steps in. 


The one goal of Oswaal Books is the betterment and development of students and that is why they have become a household name for academic brilliance today. With Oswaal Books, you don’t need any coaching to crack the 2021 CLAT examination.


What you need to do to ace CLAT 2021 without coaching

The fact that time is of the essence now, cannot be emphasized enough. Resorting to coaching classes is the last thing you want to do because quite frankly, students who have a strategy and study methodically can crack the examinations without their assistance.


Here is how:


1. Solve question papers and sample papers


To get a good understanding of how CLAT generally sets the question paper and what is the ideal answering structure or format that they look for, Sample Question Papers are important.


Oswaal Books’ CLAT Sample Question Papers book has been drafted by some of the brightest academic minds and professionals, keeping the entire book and its content, exam-oriented yet student-friendly. The book contains 15 sample papers with questions that test your logical reasoning, your knowledge, and your application and recollection skills. 


These questions are structured in a fashion similar to CLAT so that students can get familiar with the overall structuring and pattern. Oswaal’s CLAT Question Banks and papers that are updated and revised according to the latest CLAT policy amendments. This will help students study for the test in a more exam-specific manner, thereby making it easy to get that perfect score.



2. Revision is a must 


And it is advisable to find time to revise and revisit covered topics, each day. While it may sound like an easy task, it becomes really taxing to find time to revise after studying, each day. 


Thanks to Oswaal Books’ CLAT Sample Question Papers that come with quick revision sections for students, time-efficient and effective revision sessions are no longer something that you have to gruel for each day. It makes the entire process much more feasible and allows you enough time to cover the various topics in detail. 


Furthermore, the books come with different tips and tricks that will assist you in covering the syllabus faster and answering every question with flair and fluency while not compromising on the provision of valuable information.


3. Start early because there is a lot to cover and a lot to practice


The last-minute revision will not suffice in this case. People literally struggle to cope with the syllabus, let alone complete it, and practice solving papers with time to spare for revision. Keeping that synced, Oswaal Books’ CLAT Sample Question Papers will be released on 10th January 2021, before any other book comes out. Oswaal Books is a household academic brand name that has always looked out for the students’ best interests.



It is a very common understanding that to crack the CLAT exam, a student must be enrolled in the best coaching institution. However, this might cause havoc in the minds of students and leave them confused. It is possible to score well in CLAT 2021 without coaching classes. You have just read about three fantastic ways to ace the same. Also, if you wish to invest in a class study material, you can visit Oswaal Books’ website today and pre-order their 2021 CLAT Sample Question Paper Book to avoid the risk of selling out. Start studying with Oswaal Books and ace CLAT 2021, effortlessly.


All the best!



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