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Analyze BPSC Exam 2024 Trends Through Previous Year-Solved Papers

Analyze BPSC Exam 2024 Trends Through Previous Year-Solved Papers

  • May 28, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) examination offers a gateway to esteemed careers in Bihar’s administrative services. Every year, thousands of aspirants aim towards securing one of the few coveted spots. Consequently, with BPSC 2024 approaching, looking at solved papers from previous years becomes an important survival strategy. 

The Secret of Decoding the BPSC Exam Pattern

Understanding the format of the BPSC exam is one step. The three stages involved in selection process are Preliminary, Mains and Interview. The Prelims examination acts as a screening test containing only General Studies paper. BPSC Mains goes deeper into various subjects like General Hindi, General Studies (two papers), Essay and Optional Subject.

BPSC Previous Year Question Papers: A Bank of Insights

A reincarnation of similar questions can be found in previous year question papers by BPSC. By solving these question papers diligently, you will:

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Understand Weightage of Topics: Recognize topics out of many on the vast syllabus that receive more weightage in exams so you can prepare your study plan accordingly and focus on them to score high.

Know the Question Pattern: Make yourself familiar with kinds and styles of questions asked in BPSC exams so that you perform well and would not have time management issues during real exam.

Identification of Repeated Themes: Some themes or topics are usually repeated during the publication of different editions for other students preparing for such examinations by this board. Analyzing solved papers helps to predict possible areas that will be concentrated upon while preparing for BPSC 2024.


Analyzing Trends in BPSC 2024

Though the official syllabus has remained largely constant there may be subtle changes based on current events and national priorities. Here’s how to use previous years’ question papers to see trends showing up for 2024:

Focus on Current Affairs: Find out how much attention has been given to such national and international issues through past years’ question papers. For BPSC 2024, this could result in an emphasis on being up-to-date in terms of general knowledge issues that matter to Bihar specifically.

Shifts in General Science: Examine the pattern of scientific questions asked in previous exams. This will help you concentrate your efforts on General Science for BPSC 2024, possibly delving into new scientific discoveries or areas relevant to national interests.


Changing Face of Bihar: Review the weightage given to topics like history, geography and socio-economic development specific to Bihar over past BPSC exams. This indicates possible areas to focus on for BPSC 2024 so that you get a more detailed understanding of these aspects.

BPSC past exam papers are a great preparation asset. They provide you with the ability to learn from them by solving and analyzing them. They also guide you on what is usually tested in exams, how questions are structured, and what topics have more weight. However, consistent practice with previous years’ question papers of BPSC plus reliable books and study materials for BPSC, will surely give you an edge over others in BPSC 2024.

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