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Can Someone Crack the CDS Exam in the First Attempt?

Can Someone Crack the CDS Exam in the First Attempt?

  • May 14, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Appearing for the CDS (Combined Defence Services) Exam is one of the most difficult tasks for a student, particularly if he/she is going to sit for the exam for the first time. Also, even with a good strategy and resources, there is a sure chance if one is dedicated enough to succeed. Selecting the suitable CDS exam books for you is of utmost importance while preparing for CDS. Here, we'll see the strategic ways to pass the CDS Exam in the very first attempt by using useful books and libraries.

Preparation Strategy for Success

To pass the CDS exam on the first attempt, follow the strategies mentioned below: 

  • Know the Syllabus: Do yourself a favour and master the syllabus to get to know which topics to work out. This course frequently involves subjects like English, General Knowledge, and Basic Mathematics.
  • Create a Study Plan: Make up your study schedule, and enlist time for each discipline taking into account your background and shortcomings.
  • Practice Previous Years' Papers: Solving CDS Previous Year Question Paper lets one acknowledge the exam procedure, time constraints, and significant topics.

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  • Strengthen Basics: Pay more attention to creating a timeless base in every subject.
  • Enhance Skills in English: Try reading newspapers, magazines, and novels daily to improve your skills in English. You may also get help from a CDS English Book. 
  • Stay Updated with Current Affairs: Devote some part of your time to reading the newspaper and keep yourself aware of recent events, whether on the national or international level. It accounts for a considerable part of the General Knowledge subject.
  • Mock Tests and Revision: Take mock tests, periodically and check progress through them and determine the parts that are needed to be improved upon. Keep rereading frequently to make sure that learning is recurring.
  • CDS Exam Books: To pass the exam, you must use the proper books. 


Preparing Tips for the Exam Day

Here are the tips you must follow on the exam day: 

  • Time Management: Use the given time efficiently while you are writing your exam paper. Allow yourself 30 to 60 minutes for each part depending on the length and complexity of those sections and stay consistent with it.
  • Read Instructions Carefully: Since the exam will follow the instructions in the question paper, please read them carefully.
  • Answer Strategically: Begin with the pieces that you are at ease to do and later come to the rest of the tough sections.
  • Attempt All Questions: No negative response is for missing questions. If there is no sure answer, try to guess it.

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Final Thoughts

Clearing the CDS Exam on the very first attempt is a remarkable task and demands hard work, no less persistence, and meticulous planning. Analyzing the exam pattern, working on exam areas needing improvement, and practicing will make candidates even more likely to do well in the exam. Keep in mind that to fulfill the mission successfully, you must possess a suitable orientation and prepare well in advance by using CDS exam books. 

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