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  • January 17, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

For CAT exam 2022, you got about 10 months to prepare.


It's one of the most challenging and prestigious competitive exams in India.




Students who clear CAT Exam are perceived to be profoundly intelligent, sharp, and diligent. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg.


But how to crack CAT Exam 2022 in first attempt?


Clearing CAT Exam requires perseverance and an ‘upward and onward’ state of mind.


While many CAT aspirants struggle to familiarize themselves with the ongoing changes, some have gotten used to the abrupt transition.


But there's one major start you can apply to your CAT Exam 2022 preparations!


Start early!


Yes, NOW is the best time to prepare for it.


Now, let's see how to crack CAT Exam 2022 in first attempt



1. Focus on Your Weak Subjects


Suppose you can solve 33% of the question paper accurately.


In that case, you should move to the other parts of the question paper, such as quantitative abilityverbal ability, and reading comprehension (VARC).


Another exam tip for CAT Exam 2022 would be to focus equally on logical reasoning and data interpretation (LRDI).


Experts believe that 50% of the CAT exams are repeated from the last 10 to 15 years’ question papers.


It’s better to get hold of a solved question papers book covering the previous 10-15 years’ question papers as early as you can.


Focus on your weak subjects by dividing equal time for them and revising the already vital topics simultaneously.



2. Strengthen Your Concepts


For your CAT exam, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your logical reasoning and data interpretation concepts.


Aspirants who clear CAT exams have generally stated that most of the time, the questions are conceptual.


If you have a proper understanding of your concepts, you would be in a confident position and understand the complex aspects of the course more efficiently.



3. Practice Mock Tests Regularly


Practicing CAT mock tests is one of the crucial exam tips that are not only followed extensively but is also considered the closest experience to an actual CAT Exam 2022.


Online coaching platforms that provide reading material are flexible and feasible, unlike hard copies.


Mock tests give you real-time experience, along with the subject-wise time allotment.


Working with mock tests would surely put you in a better position in your CAT exam preparations.


Go for dependable study sources that provide extensive and well-researched question papers.


Want another quick exam tip? Go for the books published by reliable publishing houses that offer latest CAT Exam syllabus and pattern.



Bottom Line


To wind it up, understand the subject, understand the concept and where feel confused, use solved question papers to efficacious results.  



You need 23 years' solved question papers to crack CAT Exam 2022 in first attempt! Get them here!



All the Best!


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