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Don't Make These Mistakes! Common Mistakes to Avoid in the 70th BPSC Prelims Exam

Don't Make These Mistakes! Common Mistakes to Avoid in the 70th BPSC Prelims Exam

  • March 19, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

For many, passing the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) Prelims exam in India is a cherished dream. Around the 70th edition nearing soon, intense preparations can only be expected. But then even some of the most ardent students slip when they fall for just a few common pitfalls. A common pitfalls analysis would set you right to understand what not to do for success.

1. Ignoring the Syllabus: Your Blueprint to Success

The BPSC Prelims syllabus is the Bible of your exam. It's not to check but to consummate to fully understand the weight of each section. This will guide a study plan to ensure time is spent on the most strategic and important areas. Imagine a syllabus like a roadmap to keep you clear on what is not necessary for this examination.

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2. Time Management Mayhem: Master the Clock

First question, Time management, and BPSC Prelims is certainly a time-based hurdle. Frame up a very strong strategy for time management to complete all questions in the prescribed time. Keep yourself ahead in the race of preparedness with regular practice of mock tests for speed along with accuracy. Because, after all, why would you want to squander brilliant answers through time crunch?

3. Current Affairs Conundrum: Stay Up-to-Date

The BPSC Prelims place a great deal of important emphasis on current affairs. Don't sleep, be the first one to know! In fact, make reading newspapers, magazines, and authentic web-based sources a habit to stay aware of happenings within and outside of your country. Set aside some time in a day dedicated to the study of current affairs.

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4. Overdependence on Coaching: Be Your Own Master

Self-study becomes required further to the preparation by itself, which will be a recipe for disaster if that is the means people rely on, although coaching classes might be very helpful in providing direction and bound study time. Self-studies are needed for a good understanding of the concepts and for developing the abilitY of critical thoughts. Use the coaching as an adjunct to, rather than in place of your own focused preparation.

5. Mock Test Truancy: Rehearse for the Real Exam

Mock tests help test not only the knowledge but also give a feel of practice runs. Conduct mock tests with at least some amount of regularity and do so under constraints of time post each test. On any test, you take an update on it, like the mistakes and refine your strateoswgy immediately post it. End of test two. 

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Bonus Tip: Don't Neglect Your Well-being

The journey is really going to be a struggle during the BPSC prelims. One has to take care and be mindfully balanced in life, which includes the way of foods, exercise, and sound sleep. The mind should become peaceful and concentrated because the best outcome may come to the fore during the examination. Most importantly, an enthusiastic mind lies in a healthy body during a competitive examination. 

While the following common mistakes are to be overridden from our part, effective strategies can be implemented for not being just a part but successfully getting through the 70th BPSC Prelims Exam. Success takes birth where diligent hard work initiates in tandem with smart planning, converging at an end positively. So, get ready, keep your focus right, and stay motivated to fulfill your dream with BPSC.

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