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  • May 13, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


For the first time, a one of its kind common screening test for various non-technical and non-gazetted posts, the NRA CET (Common Eligibility Test) is all set to be conducted.


The National Recruitment Agency (NRA) which is newly formed will conduct this exam which will give an equal opportunity to all the students passing 10th, 12th and graduation across the country by getting rid of various recruitment exams.


The NRA CET EXAM will be applicable for the vacancies of SSC, IBPS, and RRB.


The main purpose of the NRA CET will be to reduce the various stages in the selection process for various posts like Tier-1, Tier-2, skill tests, and other tests. Making NRA CET EXAM a single preliminary multi-post multi-entry level exam.


To put it straight, NRA CET will be conducted at three different levels


1. A CET for Class 10th Pass Level Jobs


2. A CET for Class 12th Pass Level Jobs and


3. A CET for Graduate Level Jobs


This exam will be very beneficial for the aspirants,


1. It will save time, application form fees, and travel expenses of the aspirants taking various tests.


2. The exam will be conducted twice a year allowing aspirants to improve their scores.


3. The scorecard of NRA CET will be valid for three years and will be accepted by various PSU, State Govt, Private Companies and UT Agencies.


4. A single exam will enable the avenues of SSC, Bank, and railway vacancies for the aspirants of every geographical and economical background.


Now that you know the overview of this exam let’s look at what you will need to prepare for the NRA CET EXAM and how question banks will allow you to focus well.


Whenever you aspire to take an entrance exam you are first required to know all about it. For you can never conquer an unseen and unknown mountain? To be aware of your climb, you need to know the registration process, the participating institutions and the post available for grabs.


After knowing all about the conduct of the exam you should know what pattern it will adopt, its syllabus, the type of question that will come, and how much mark the questions will carry.


But most of the above information will just be facts. The real-time experience of the NRA CET Exam will be provided by the question bank. Helping you gain the perspectives of strengths and weaknesses regarding your levels of preparation.


NRA CET Question Banks will provide you following perspectives to focus well on your preparations,



NRA CET Exam Pattern


Since the National Recruitment Agency will conduct the NRA CET EXAM in three types of CETs Matric Level (10th class), High School Level (12th pass), and Graduation Level the exam pattern and syllabus for these exams will be as per the Tier I/CBT 1/ Preliminary stages of the various exams earlier conducted by the SSC, IBPS, etc. for respective educational levels.


A question bank will give you insight into what the question paper of a particular vacancy of an educational level will look like. Helping you narrow your focus on preparation.


As the recruitment will be organized in two phases i.e. NRA CET & Specialized Tiers by respective organizations a question bank will illustrate all the details about the pattern single-handedly.



NRA CET Syllabus


NRA CET EXAM will include questions from four subjects General Reasoning and Intelligence, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and a Language.


The question bank will define the scope of the syllabus and the difficulty level at which the questions will be asked. Making question banks is a very crucial tool to understand the syllabus of different sections of the NRA CET Exam.



Exam Level Analysis


The question bank will have four main sections like the question paper of NRA CET. Every section will be carrying different marks as per the level of the exam.


To get the hold of every section and devise a specific strategy of preparation for each section question bank will be very useful.       



5 Benefits of Question Banks to score well in NRA CET for IBPS, RRB & SSC. 


An entrance exam is a mountain waiting to be conquered by the determined and disciplined only. But hard work is as important as smart work. Question banks have the following benefits cutting your hard work into smart work,





To know how to navigate between different sections is like knowing which path is less rocky while climbing a mountain. Understanding navigation and the significance of different coloured symbols are important for swift ascent in the examination.


The status of each question such as answered, left unanswered or marked for review helps in this navigation. A question bank has mock tests which teaches the navigation terminologies and strategies for the NRA CET exam.       



Visualization of Journey


The question bank will not only help you focus your strategy and preparation but also takes you on a journey of learning and polishing skills that a normal educational curriculum might miss.


The applicability of knowledge in real-time is encouraged by the question banks which will be very necessary considering the NRA CET Will be going to happen for the first time.


The more questions you will solve from the question bank the more clarity and confidence you will gain.



Mapping the learning objectives


The question bank is a book which has tons and tons of questions along the lines of exam pattern, syllabus and section.


A question bank helps in mapping your learning objectives to the demands of the questions that will be asked in the entrance exam. Mapping your end goals will assist your focus and learning.                         



The grip on time


The entrance exam must be completed within a specific given duration. If you practice solving the question bank you will come to realize which question will require how much time making your grip stronger and ineffective time management.


Rigorous practicing of questions from the question bank will help you complete the exam well within the time with fewer or no errors.



Assessment of ascent


As you solve the NRA CET question bank, you will know which areas you are stronger in and your areas of improvement. From this knowledge, you will be able to underpin your concentration and efforts.


The more you will invest your time in getting better at your shortcomings, the more you will have the chance to successfully conquer the exam.


Now that you know all about the benefits of a question bank you should choose a question bank for NRA CET which is designed keeping in mind the above learning objectives and have a rainbow of questions to test your preparation in all dimensions of a section.


Be mindful of the question bank you will be choosing as that will be your guiding torch in the hazy times.



Good Luck with your preparations!



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