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Is the UPPSC 2024 Exam Postponed? Latest Updates on Date Extension & Revision Tips

Is the UPPSC 2024 Exam Postponed? Latest Updates on Date Extension & Revision Tips

  • March 18, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) postponed the Preliminary Examination-2024 for PCS to July this year, for due to unforeseen circumstances. This comes after the same body conducted a preliminary examination for RO/ARO-2023 in February 2024, which was 'cancelled' after they found out, from an investigation, that the paper was allegedly leaked.

Much depends on your UPPSC Prelims preparation strategy, and this update may very well turn it completely. Aspirants need not worry; we, through this blog, will not only keep updating you with the latest in this matter but will also talk out very important revision tips to help excel in the rescheduled exam.

Confirmed: UPPSC Prelims 2024 Rescheduled for July

Official Notification of the Cancellation of UPPSC Prelims 2024 is released by UPPSC on its official website. Keep following this space for updates and keep visiting the official website (https://uppsc.up.nic.in/) often.

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Understanding the Reason Behind the Postponement of UPPSC Prelims 2024

Although the specific reason behind it is not known, one may presume that the UPPSC is likely driven by its motto of keeping matters related to the examination system unbiased and transparent. The extent of the fact is sufficient to further motivate it, especially after the recent event of the RO/ARO exam paper leak, where there should be no compromise with the sanctity of the selection process.

The time lag would have to be used to afford the commission some more time so that they can take necessary actions and force strict security strategies that would avoid any such instances ahead.

How to Make the Most of the Extended Preparation Time?

In a few words, the postponement will give you a golden opportunity to solidify the preparation for UPPSC Prelims. To make substantial use of that extension in time, the following effective revision tips will prove fruitful.

Revisiting the Core Concepts: All the core concepts contained in each subject of your syllabus need revisiting. Ensure clear understanding of these basics as they form a base collectively. It ensures that when dealing with complex questions, logical ends are reached.

Practice UPPSC Previous Year Papers: The practice that you will do by the old year's UPPSC Prelims papers will be very important. It raises awareness about the exam, what kind of questions, at what level they will be imposed, and what repetitions occur. One must be analyzing his performance and find out the areas for improvement.

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Uttar Pradesh Current Affairs: Focus on the news so that nothing important happening across the nation and the world goes unnoticed. Most importantly, focus on current happenings in the context of Uttar Pradesh since it has a good share in the question paper for General Studies. Always keep an eye on good sources such as newspapers, authentic websites of the government, and good news channels.

Time Management and Mock Tests: Regular mock tests are provided to give a candidate a real experience of the exam and improve time management. On completion of the attempt, analyze your performance and accordingly work on the area wherever you are lacking.

Stay Motivated: Since this is quite a long preparation period, motivation would be one of the factors lagging. Still, with a study routine, attainable goals, and appropriate rewards after achievement, ensure you go a long way in staying motivated. As the candidates with shorter

UPPSC Prelims Revision Tips: Sharpen Your Brain for Success 

While you have more time on your hands, here are some specific revision tips to maximize your preparation:

Subject-wise Revision: Create a structured revision plan that allocates dedicated time slots for revising each subject. The UPPSC previous year papers of the UPPSC Prelims may be referred to in understanding their examination patterns. Recognize the trends/questions that repeat so that accordingly you work.

Focus on Weak Areas: Identify your weaker topics and devote extra time to strengthen them. Note Making & Mnemonics: Develop effective note-taking strategies and employ mnemonics to improve memorization. 

Stay optimistic: Be with positivity and keep yourself motivated during this extended duration of preparation. 

They announce that the UPPSC Prelims 2024 are postponed, but come on, just have it at the back of your mind that everything best can be taken out of any situation. Choose to stay determined, devoted, and make optimum use of the extra time at your disposal and that be the reason you walk through the rescheduled exam with great aplomb!

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