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UPSC Prelims Exam 2023: Last 30 Days Section-wise Exam Strategy to Assure Success

UPSC Prelims Exam 2023: Last 30 Days Section-wise Exam Strategy to Assure Success

  • April 20, 2023
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Are you ready for the highly competitive UPSC Prelims Exam 2023? As you know, the D-day is approaching, it must feel crucial to maintain a well-planned strategy in place to maximise your chances to get success. In this blog, we will going to be discuss an effective 30-day section-wise exam strategy. The TIPS FOR UPSC PRELIMS EXAMS that will surely help you to ace good marks in the exam and crack the UPSC prelims Exam with full confidence. Let’s dive into it! 


Understanding the UPSC Prelims Syllabus-  

The very step towards exam success is a thorough understanding of the UPSC Prelims syllabus. Make yourself familiarize with it and make a proper list of all the topics and all the sub-topics that you need to get covered for the exam, which ever topic you feel is important to cover. This will give you to have a clear roadmap for your preparation. 


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Creating a section wise Study Plan-  

Based on the syllabus and exam pattern of UPSC Prelims exam, creating a section-Divide your time accordingly, equally among all the subjects and allocate more time to the topics that are your weak areas. Ensure that your study plan will going to cover each and every important topic. And it is realistic, achievable, and most importantly stick to it religiously.  


Resources –  

Finding resources to cover everything which is required is the hectic task. But because I am here to give you and to help you. So, the most comprehensive book I know till now is Oswaal NCERT One for All UPSC is the key to success. They even provide Previous Year solved papers. They are easy to understand and Oswaal previous years solved papers have detailed solutions.  


The Right Mind-Set

As the D-day is approaching, you must have started panicking. Trust me, you should not! Having a positive attitude towards the exam can be your saviour. I have seen plenty people getting a really good score in the mocks but because of the panic, and because they feel stressed and ended up ruining on the D-day. If you are someone who is panicking right now and handling pressure is tough so the next few lines are for you otherwise you can skip to the next paragraph. In the morning when you wake up, do meditate for 10 minutes daily. It will help you to maintain your mental stress.  


Revision and Consolidation – 

Focus on revising and consolidating your preparation. Review your notes daily, highlight the important points, and revise the key concepts. Trust me, this will going to be really helpful for you. Avoid starting new topics at this stage because even if you will start something new you won’t be able to complete it and even you will create more pressure on you. Concentrate on strengthening your strong areas and improving your weak areas.  


Take Mock Test –  

Mock tests are an integral part of UPSC Prelims exam preparation. Take mock tests weekly to simulate the actual exam environment and get an idea of your performance. Analyse the mock test results to identify your mistakes and learn from them. Make strategies to improve them, so on the D-day it will get easier for you to maintain your proper analysis of your growth. you can identify your weak areas and strengthen areas. Keep practicing until you achieve consistently good scores in mock tests. And when you will start scoring good consistently it will boost your confidence. 


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As you gear up for the UPSC Prelims Exams 2023, we wish you the best of luck! 

Remember, success comes with hard work, dedication, and well-planned strategy and importantly having faith in yourself. Follow these tips I have mentioned above in the blog, stay focused, and believe in yourself. All the best for your exams! 

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