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Effective Ways to Learn Quantitative Aptitude Topics for 2024 Government Exams

Effective Ways to Learn Quantitative Aptitude Topics for 2024 Government Exams

  • April 08, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Think of what it would be like to build a house without a strong foundation. Likewise, one needs to have a grip on the basics in order to grapple with complex concepts in Quantitative Aptitude. Your building blocks are essentially numbers – their properties, operations (think addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and divisibility. Once you have mastered these, you will fly through problems.

Taming the Beasts: Averages, Percentages, and Ratios

Once you have laid your foundation, get ready for some friendly yet somehow not-so-friendly creatures; averages, percentages and ratios. Their names may sound complicated but do not be fooled by that. The middle point of a set of numbers is located using average values whereas parts of whole numbers can be gotten from percentages which can also be viewed as hundredths; two things or more however are compared using ratios. They are used everywhere within Quantitative Aptitude Books so become comfortable with them!

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Working with Mixtures & Alligation (Wait, What?)

This is where things start getting little bit interesting; mixtures and alligations involve well mixing stuff together! These principles will test your problem solving skills in a fun way whether it’s finding out what quantities make the perfect drink or how long it takes for two pipes to fill up a container.

Algebra: Your Equation-Balancing Superhero

Apart from the word algebra makes people think about complex equations but there is no need to feel scared. You can compare algebra to your superhero tool meant for balancing equations and changing variables if you really want to understand it better. Although initially appearing magical in nature solve unknowns like an expert through constant use.


Geometry: Unveiling the Secrets of Shapes & Sizes

Do you remember when you were sitting in that mad geometry class learning about triangles? And circles? And all those shapes? Here is something many might not know – geometry plays an important role in Quantitative Aptitude too. Acquiring mastery over geometric ideas will change your problem-solving experience from one dimension to another – from areas and volumes computations to angles and spatial relationships.

Time & Work, Speed & Distance: The Race is On!

How long does it take a team of people to finish a job? What speed must someone travel at in order to get there on time? Time and work as well as speed and distance are what you will use to solve these kinds of problems. At first glance, they seem simple but with a slight twist they can be difficult so put your mind to it!

Advanced Concepts: The Final Frontier

Now that the basics have been taken care of, it’s time for you to explore more advanced concepts such as permutations and combinations (arranging and selecting objects), probability (the likelihood of events happening) or even profit and loss (which is important when you want to be an entrepreneur).

Remember: Practice Makes Perfect!

It’s not about memorizing formulas; that is not how Quantitative Aptitude works. It is therefore necessary that you practice continuously. Try some practice problems out, challenge yourself with varied question types, don’t be afraid of making mistakes – that’s how you learn.

So there you go! With this roadmap plus a resolve towards practicing consistently, success in conquering QS world lies ahead. Remember though that every step counts so enjoy learning and discovering!

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