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  • May 08, 2022
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The National Recruitment Agency Common Eligibility Test (NRA CET) is a standard screening test conducted by the newly recognized NRA, used to shortlist worthy candidates for non-gazetted and non-technical Group B and Group C job positions.


NRA CET will undoubtedly be conducted in 2022, but the date and time of the test are yet a mystery as no specific announcement has been made in this regard.


However, the statement is scheduled to be released soon, with NRA CET replacing the primary government departments' non-gazetted prelims test.


Aspirants who score well on the exam will be shortlisted to appear in higher-level examinations conducted by different organizations for various positions.


The test results will remain valid for three years, and the NRA CET exam is expected to be held twice in one year.


This test will prove immensely beneficial to all government job positions aspirants by eliminating the bulk of required applications that they previously had to complete for the different kinds of tests: they would now need to prepare for just one exam and give their best in it.



NRA CET Exam Dates 2022


Although the Union Cabinet has already approved the creation of the NRA, an indication of the agency's formal commencement  is yet to be made.


It is expected that the notification will be released soon, and the tentative exam dates for the notification, application, admit card, exam date, answer key, and the result will be announced shortly.



NRA CET Eligibility Criteria 2022


The NRA CET exam has specific eligibility criteria that aspirants have to comply with. These include the following:



Educational Qualifications


The NRA CET will be conducted at three primary levels: Class 10th, Class 12th, and Graduation. Therefore, aspirants who have completed their Class 10, Class 12, or Graduation level education are eligible to apply.



Age Limit


The NRA CET exam has a proper upper age limit which varies depending upon the position for which an individual applies. Candidates who belong to reserved groups such as Other Backward Class (OBC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Persons with Disability (PwD), Scheduled Caste (SC), and others have relaxation in their upper age limit.



NRA CET Syllabus 2022


The exact syllabus for NRA CET is yet to be announced for the year 2022. In contrast, the Common Eligibility Test may include questions from four subjects, including language (English, Hindi, etc.), general reasoning and intelligence, quantitative aptitude, and general awareness.


The language variation in the NRA CET exam is quite diverse: applicants can take it in 12 different languages across India.


The comprehensive projected NRA CET syllabus for the coming September Exams is as follows:


NRА СET Syllаbus fоr Generаl Reаsоning аnd Intelligenсe 2022


1. Seating Arrangement


2. Inequalities


3. Coding-Decoding


4. Order and ranking


5. Puzzles


6. Input-output


7. Data sufficiency


8. Alphanumeric series


9. Distance and direction


10. Charts


11. Classifications


12. Image analysis


13. Analogies


14. Verbal and nonverbal reasoning


15. Completion of pattern


16. Character puzzles


17. Logical sequence of words


18. Number series


19. Conclusion and decision making


20. Venn diagram


21. Pattern folding and unfolding


22. Analytical reasoning


23. Emotional intelligence


24. Similarities and differences


25. Semantic analogy


26. Social intelligence


27. Word building


28. Visual memory



NRА СET Syllаbus fоr Quаntitаtive Арtitude 2022


1. Simplification


2. Number system


3. Ratio and Proportion


4. Averages


5. Profit and loss


6. Date interpretation


7. Data sufficiency


8. Discounts


9. Percentages


10. Time work and distance


11. Rate of interest


12. Probability


13. Permutation and Combination


14. Geometry


15. Decimals


16. Mensuration


17. Simple and compound interest


18. Elementary algebra


19. Discount


20. Elementary statistics


21. Trigonometry


22. LCM and HCF


23. Simplification


24. Fractions



NRА СET Syllаbus Fоr Generаl Аwаreness 2022


1. Сurrent Аffаirs аnd Stаtiс G.K.


2. Аwаreness аbоut Аrt аnd Сulture оf Indiа


3. Internаtiоnаl аnd Nаtiоnаl Аwаreness


4. Flora and fauna of India


5. Bооks, Аuthоrs аnd Аwаrds


6. Рrime Minister Sсhemes


7. Imроrtаnt Dаtes аnd Events


8. History and Politics


9. News аbоut United Nаtiоns аnd Оther imроrtаnt оrgаnizаtiоns


10. Fаmоus реорle аll оver the wоrld аnd their achievements


11. Соuntries, Сurrenсies аnd Сарitаls


12. Heаdquаrters оf Imроrtаnt Оrgаnizаtiоns


13. Gоvernment Роliсies


14. Eсоnоmiсs аnd finаnсe


15. Physics, Biology



NRА СET Syllаbus fоr English Lаnguаge 2022


1. Deteсtiоn оf Errоrs


2. Reading comprehension


3. Completion of paragraphs


4. Improving sentences and paragraphs


5. Para jumbling


6. Cloze test


7. Fill in the blanks


8. Parts of speech


9. Modes of narration


10. Prepositions


11. Voice change


12. Adjectives


13. Sentence structure


14. Clauses



NRA CET 2022 Selection Process


It is crucial to be aware of the selection process regarding the NRA CET exam, as it would clear a number of ambiguities that may arise in the coming months after the exam.


Step 1:


Candidates are required to complete an Application Form after the official announcement for the test.


Step 2:


Candidates must download the NRA CET Exam 2022 Admit Card. It is possible that it would be available a few days before the exam.


Step 3:


Aspirants for the NRA CET Exam 2022 would take the test, which is most likely to be conducted in an online format comprising just Multiple Choice Questions.


Step 4:


After the exam, candidates can check their results on the day specified by officials, which would probably be within a few days.


The result will also be formally announced in the form of a final merit list which would show whether candidates can advance to the next selection date or not.


Step 5:


Only the selected candidates will progress to the stage of the selection process, which will be conducted and supervised by government agencies such as IBPS, SSC, and RRB.






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