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Be CAT 2023 Ready in 30 Days!

Be CAT 2023 Ready in 30 Days!

  • October 09, 2023
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The countdown has begun and we are in the last leg for D-DAY. It's now or never to make it to your dream B-school and chart the course of your career. 

IIM Lucknow will be conducting the Common Admission Test CAT Exam 2023 on Sunday 26th November. The internet is flooded with advice, do’s and don'ts, topper’s strategies and mistakes to avoid. In the middle of all the noise, find what works for you. You do you! Have a thorough understanding of your Top 5 Colleges and what score you need to enter them. Higher the better. 

Tips & Tricks

If you have completed the syllabus and are now practicing Mock Tests and revising concepts. 

Or if you will begin now or are still contemplating whether just a month will be enough to prepare and score well. We will say start right away. If you start now or need to tweak your current study plan, incorporate the following tips. 

Know the syllabus - get familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern of CAT Exam2023  

Understand each topic - There are 3 categories in CAT - VARC, DILR & QA and sub topics under each section.  

Attempt previous years CAT Exam Papers - This helps you understand the pattern and rigor of questions.

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Negative Marking - In CAT Exam 2023, you have to answer 66 questions in 2 hours where each section gets 40 minutes in the computer based test. Every correct answer gets 3 marks and for every wrong answer you are marked -1. Make a strategy to attempt questions which you are thoroughly sure about and choose where you can gamble. This you only know when you practice more and more.

Gauge strength & weakness - When it comes to CAT you can't afford to be overconfident. The good idea is to make your strong areas stronger and improve on the ones you are not so strong.

Practice, Practice & Practice - There is no replacement to hard work. The more you practice the better and faster you become at solving questions. Also there is a technique to solve a certain style of questions. Practice with Oswaal CAT 25 Years Solved Papers to master your concepts and improve your speed. The previous year question papers for CAT2023 improves logical and reasoning ability and makes one more familiar with the question patterns.  

Test what you learn - Do not shy away from attempting Oswaal CAT Mock Test PapersWe more than often keep pushing away Mock Test Papers thinking we attempt it, once the entire syllabus is completed. Don't make this mistake, solve a Mock Test Paper for CAT 2023 everyday. 

Time Management - Fix a set time for your preparation. This will help you to understand how much time you are spending in solving a question and how you can improve your speed. 

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Routine - Fix a place where you sit down to study. Keep it clutter free. The room must be well ventilated, a quiet spot and have all essentials like notebook, stationery and water. So you don't have to get up in between. When you sit at the same spot each day, you give the message to the brain to get ready for a particular task.

Meditate - We can't stress enough what a few quiet moments of meditation can do to your mind. It calms down the constant chattering and helps one to collect the thoughts. Before you sit to study,meditate for a couple of minutes to focus better. 

Practice Comprehensively with Oswaal360 Online Courses for CAT 2023 Exam

Practice Now with Free Oswaal360 Online Mock Test for CAT 2023 Exam

If you incorporate these tips and continue to work hard with perseverance can help you succeed. CAT is not a sprint rather a marathon which requires your energy and attention to the finish line at all times. As the rigor gets tough at each step, you need to be armed with the right strategy. Think through and make a Plan B. In terms of your second Best list of targeted Colleges. We hope the CAT Exam 2023 tips above help you in your preparation journey. 

We wish you the best!   

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