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Can I Crack CAT by Self Study?

Can I Crack CAT by Self Study?

  • April 25, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

CAT or Common Admission Test is an annual Exam conducted by IIM on the last Sunday of November in 3 shifts. In 120 minutes, the candidate is supposed to answer 66 questions divided into 3 sections - VARC, DILR, and QA. For every correct answer, the candidate scores 3 marks, and for every wrong answer, -1 marks is deducted. Each section is given 40 minutes. The maximum mark a candidate can score is 198. Attempting all questions is not mandatory. This computer-based exam is important to get admission to IIMs and is conducted in English.  

Once you decide to give the CAT Exam. The next important question is how to prepare for the exam. Whether to prepare at home or take coaching? Which books to use? 

Let's start with first things first and understand the syllabus and the three sections in detail.

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The CAT Exam can be cracked by self-study while in graduation, a full-time job, or simply preparing full-time by following these steps

1- Break down the syllabus into smaller sections and allot time accordingly. 

2- Focus on weaker areas and work on converting them into your strengths.

3- Set realistic goals and stick to a well-structured routine. 

4- Set fixed hours for study. 

5- Practice previous year papers and understand the type of frequency of questions.


6- Solve mock test papers in a time-bound manner, and don't spend more than a minute on each question.

7- Scoring a good percentile and landing a dream college is possible if you stick to a significant amount of discipline, dedication and strategic planning. 

8- You need to be self-motivated to show up for your study sessions and complete the targeted topics and practice questions every day from mock test papers.

9- Believe in yourself and develop a positive attitude.

10- Create a support group for yourself and bring together friends who are also preparing for the exam.   

11- A healthy, active lifestyle can keep your energy levels high and your mind alert. Ensure you sleep properly and eat fresh food. Meditate to clear the mind of stress and spend some time outdoors in nature to catch fresh air.

12- Ensure that you are updated about the latest developments in CAT Exam, syllabus, notifications about the exam dates and forms. 

13- Make a study plan that suits you and can help you achieve maximum output. Identify when you best focus in the morning, afternoon or evening. 

14- Stick to your study discipline and revise as much as you can. The exam is about the speed and accuracy of both.

15- Oswaal Books provides the latest competent course material for the exam. 

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Hope these tips help you to prepare for the CAT through self-study. 

Wish you Luck!

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