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  • January 31, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books



NEET exam is coming in a couple of months.


Students have been trying very hard to excel in this exam to shape their future.


No doubt, every student is giving their best shot for the upcoming exam. But, what makes the difference is how you strategize your preparation.


Some students love to learn in the old traditional ways but others love to innovate and take their learning to next level.


To help you with better strategic preparation for the upcoming NEET exam, here we come with the SQ3R strategy of Francis P. Robinson.



What is SQ3R Method?


Francis P. Robinson proposed the SQ3R method in his book Effective Study in the year 1946.


SQ3R is a five-step approach. Its five steps include Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review.


When these steps are performed in a step-wise fashion, then they can change the way how you perceive your preparation.


But, this methodology is of no use until you know how to implement them effectively.


Stay glued till the end to have a better idea about this approach.



Advantages of SQ3R Method


There are various advantages of the SQ3R method that it has in-store for you. Some of them are listed down below.


1. It helps you to spend less time on a single topic that ultimately helps to cover the entire syllabus in time.


2. Acts as a boon for cracking competitive exams with less difficulty.


3. Makes topics easy to understand and memorize.


4. Makes topics interesting to keep your interest intact



Step-wise approach


Now, we have a rough idea of what is SQ3R method is. But, it is just difficult to understand it without any explanations.


To get a better idea about the SQ3R method and how you can apply it, have a look at the below paragraph:


Importance of Time

Time is very valuable. If it is passed, it cannot be brought back even after spending lakhs and crores of rupees. Whoever has valued time in this world, has lived life with happiness, and he who wasted time, he is wasted.

Ask the time the player who missed the medal by the hundredth of a second. The train standing at the station is missed by a minute. Nowadays, many schools are not even allowed to enter school if they come late. Students should understand the value of time even more because by appreciating this life, they can achieve their life goals.


You have read this passage just like a normal reader.


But, now apply these five steps and then try to read this passage to understand the difference.


Step 1: Survey

When you have the very first glance at the topic, then what catches your attention?


It’s the heading “Importance of Time”. Right?


So, during the Survey, you need to get an idea about the headline of the topic.


When you see the bolded text, headings, or some other available visuals then you get a jest about the topic. It will give you a clear picture that what this topic has in store for you.



Step 2: Question


Once you have the initial preview of the topic, then you are in a state to generate questions.


You can generate the questions to which you want to seek answers in the topic. This will make you more interested in the content that you are about to study.


For instance, using the above paragraph, you can make questions like “What is the value of time?” “Does it impact the students?” “What happens when the opportunity is missed?”


These questions will act as a building block to prepare your mind for the upcoming information that this topic will offer.



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Step 3: Read


Now, you start reading the topic with the above two steps already done.


This will make you more focused on reading. As you already have a set of questions in your mind that you need an answer to.


With the already set background of the topic, you start understanding and analyzing each word with more precision.



Step 4: Recite


During the reading phase, you might have got an answer to the questions with which you started reading the topic.


Try to recall or recite all those answers in your language.


You can either recite them orally or write them down somewhere to get better conceptual clarity.


This will make the topic more interesting and relatable to proceed with.


It is very important to recite as if you don’t do so then you are likely to forget some of the important concepts that you have gone through.



Step 5: Review


Once you are done with the entire reading, it’s time to have a review of how far you have come.


You can ask yourself about the main concepts that you have undergone while reading the topic.


This will help you backtrack from where you started and whether you can get an answer to all your questions or not.


You can even try to rephrase the entire topic learned in your own words to have a better idea about the concept.


For example,

1. Time is very precious. Once lost, lost forever.

2. Students should abide by the time guidelines.

3. Appreciate time to achieve life goals


Now, again read the above paragraph and answer the questions that you framed at the first glance.


Were you able to answer them?


Have you got the clarity on the topic?


What difference you can observe in your reading style now?


This is what, where SQ3R has changed you!!





SQ3R is a very innovative technique that can change your learning pattern upside down.


You can apply these simple five steps approach in your learning and see the changes.


You will find yourself more focused and interested in learning than you were before. Besides that, you will get a crystal clear picture of the topic about what you have learned.


So, what are you waiting for?


Apply this technique to get an edge in your NEET preparation.


Also, don't forget to mention in the comment section the changes you see in your learning pattern after applying this technique.


If you liked this blog, kindly share it among your friends to help them too. 


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All the Best!!

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