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  • April 29, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Now that CUET 2022 exams are around the corner, and we have two months to prepare for it. A student must seek for solution that will make it easier and at the same time practical for him/her to score better in CUET 2022.


With all the other sections mentioned in the syllabus for CUET 2022 as given on the site of NTA, it is important that we focus on the segment where we have full chance to score the maximum.


Therefore, I have picked the topic of quantitative aptitude because any student can score full marks with the right tips and tricks. All you need is some practice and basic concept clarity. Let’s discuss this in detail.


Quantitative Reasoning simply means application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra /geometry/mensuration. Hence students can score full marks as maths is a subject in which there is possibility for that unlike languages in CUET 2022.


Before I give you the top 3 ways in which you will be able to score the highest in quantitative aptitude, we will talk about the basics so that our base is strong.


First, make sure you go through the basics of maths. This would ensure that you are able to solve tougher questions after practicing. So even if the level of difficulty fluctuates from easy to hard, we are well prepared for it.


As you start to do so in advance, you will be able to become a master of this section within no time.


Second, do go through your previous notes, formulas that you might have jotted down while practicing as this might be an easy hack for you to solve problems in the past and might turn out to be fruitful in the future as well for CUET 2022.


Third, there are various books out there that helps one to boost their memory power. This might turn out to be a big savior if you are one of those who keep forgetting. This tip will help you in other sections as well.



3 Ways to get the highest score for NTA CUET Quantitative Aptitude Questions!



1. Perform your calculation faster! 


Now there are various tips that might come in handy for you to perform better and ace up your calculation game. Practice and attend mental mathematic classes. 


It is always good to go back to basic mathematics steps followed from school days.


But to solve the problems faster which is a quality that is needed for CUET 2022 since it is all time based, the student should be quick with the answers.


Once you become good with the whole concept of calculating the problem in your head without the need of pencil and paper or a calculator, half the battle is won.


The advantage being you able to understand math concepts better and get to the answer faster.


While we have already discussed that how important it is to be thorough with the basic concepts, make sure you learn all the formulas and all the tables that is out there in the syllabus.


This would help all the students to prepare better for CUET 2022 and save a lot of time while you are preparing for CUET 2022.



2. Be thorough with your concepts and learn several methods


While you might already have a set pattern with which you are most likely to solve a problem. It is always a good option to learn several methods so you can decide which trick you can use to solve a question quicker.


Since we all know CUET 2022 will be tight with the time management. So, our focus should be to get the right answers as quick as possible.


Also, while learning makes sure you understand the concept in depth so you can answer all sorts of questions that can be asked in a possible way.


This comes with a lot of practice, solving n number of questions, going through various sample papers, and prioritizing the topics that needs special attention.


So do not be in a hurry. Take your sweet time to learn newer methods. Explore and be passionate about learning more than one method to solve any problem.


We still have two months to go for this and with the right steps, CUET 2022 can be made easier.



3. Time Management 


This one is highly recommended not just for quantitative aptitude but for every question in each section. One must be quick with the quality of solving a problem as it would be a waste if we knew all the answers but weren’t able to solve it on time.


Hence it is advised that you take as many mock tests as possible to develop a better understanding about the exam. It is also important to solve sample papers to improve your time management skills for CUET 2022.


It will help you prepare to work under pressure. 


For example, now that you are aware that how much time you will be getting to solve every section, follow it strictly even while you are solving sample papers from home.


Be very strict with every minute and move onto the other section once the time is up for that one. This would make you even more disciplined and you will have a better understanding that where do you lack.


After solving your sample papers in the given way, you will be very cautious with your time and hence the skill of time management will eventually be developed within you leading to a better result for CUET 2022.     


So, try taking online mock tests that are time-bound so while you are taking your CUET exam you are well prepared.


Hope these pointers help you to perform even better. Just remember that this is a crucial time for every student out there. With mindful practice you all can perform better and hence, score better for CUET 2022.



Wishing you all the best. You will be amazing.



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