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  • April 21, 2022
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Ahead of the first Central University Entrance Test, CUET 2022, for admissions into undergraduate courses in central universities, the authorities have said that students would be allowed two attempts from 2023, which will raise their chances of getting into their desired universities.


The CUET 2022 exam will take place in July; though it has received contradiction not only from students but experts, an amendment has been made for the students taking the exam the next year.


The test would be conducted twice a year from 2023 as released under the New Education Policymaking it much easier and comfortable for students to appear in the test besides their busy schedule of boards’ preparation, with the first attempt around June-July and the second in October-November, which the students can freely decide to give as per their convenience.


This will give them more time to prepare for the exam, which will automatically add to their performance, raising their chances of getting into knowledgeable premium hubs. The admission process will begin in January.


Students will be given an open and versatile choice to go for an exam in their decisive month, a step which will raise them more confidence and better hope of clearing the exam.


Furthermore, it is expected that this will help students get two chances to clear the CUET 2022 the next year so that they do not miss out on higher education if they fail to clear the test on their first attempt.


As avidly being seen, the decision of conducting CUET 2022 is already generated mixed reactions from students and leading experts in the field; the CUET 2022 exam is already getting a lot of traction.


Some said it would provide them more opportunities to secure admissions to reputed universities and get based on the colleges as per their merit.


Others believe that it will lead to elevated stress levels among students, which can negatively affect their board exam results.


At the same time, it has been seen that not many students and teachers are happy with the proposal as they believe that CUET 2022 will do nothing but create a state of panic amidst the student strata who are already toiling hard to get cleared with their board exams, as they did not receive the pleasure of school teaching.


Thus, many believe that CUET 2022 is an external burden on their shoulders.


As per the same line of thoughts, one more decision is coming across, which states that CUET 2022 will occur twice a year from 2023.


The purpose behind conducting the CUET 2022 exam twice the next year is to reduce stress among students who have just finished their Class 12 board exams.


In recent years, there have been demands that various entrance tests must be conducted after Class 12 board exams to reduce stress among students.


This outcome or declaration is expected to arouse in students and individuals concerned a sentiment of satisfaction and create a light atmosphere for the students.


At the same time, the primary objective of conducting CUET has been to create a reduced stress level trust that is student-friendly, as they just need to appear in one exam to get into some of the country's finest universities.


In contrast, earlier students had to take multiple different exams. Considering the fear and anxiety that has gripped students and parents, releasing an update of twice the conduction of CUET 2022 from next year is a ray of hope and relief.


This mechanism will prove to be of vital help for the students who could not appear for the common entrance test due to board examination clashes, as they can now give the entrance exam with a relaxed and fully prepared mindset.


Many students and dignitaries were seen supporting this decision. It motivates the students and lights hope to avail the chance as per their constraints and unique needs and requirements of studying and apt preparation.


A student reportedly stated that this is a very good decision given that many students who miss out on their chance to appear for CUET because of clashes with the Class 12 board exams will have an opportunity now.


Now, suppose they miss out on appearing in the first session. In that case, they can appear in the second session and increase their chances of securing admissions to reputed colleges, he furthermore stated.


Whereas one of the students who need to appear in the CUET 2022 exam stated that this would be an add on advantage to the coming batch of students as it will give them time to ponder on and get in-depth with the important portions of the exam will entirely be based on the syllabus of their class 12th.


The university will be announced as soon as the entrance test notification is released.


On the other hand, this move has received support from students and parents. Of course, it will be very beneficial for those who pass the Class 12th examination but are not sure of their plans.


The purpose of conducting CUET 2022 twice from 2023 is to give students more hope that they will pass. Students will have two chances instead of one. This will have a positive impact on their academic performance.


The decision was taken after a meeting between officials.


The new statement that the CUET 2022 will be conducted twice from 2023 has been accepted by many parents. A large percentage of parents were against conducting CUET 2022 after the Class 12 board examinations.


The reason behind this was that the CUET 2022 didn’t give any chance to rectify the mistake made in the Class 12 board exams. Having two times of conducting CUET gives students more hope to clear the examination.


Also, it will help improve their land in top colleges of India. When enquired, one of the parents stated that this is a good step as it will help students learn and prepare for the things they earlier could not and strengthen their weak portions during the time.


Also, he added that it would increase their performance as they would have a chance and time to focus on each aspect in detail.


According to reports, the decision to hold CUET 2022 twice from next year was taken after it was found that many students were expected to appear for this premier test but would not be able to crack it due to the shortage in preparation time.


This new path will give them two opportunities to clear the exam. In a nutshell, this decision has worked as a pillar of support to all the students, parents, and reputable administrators concerned with the progress and future course of action of the students.


People were seen feeling highly relieved that there were two chances of clearance which can increase their chances of getting into the university two folds.


Whereas there is still a wave of heat being seen amongst the students and their parents who need to appear for the CUET 2022 exam, as everyone is avidly stating that they do not have apt time and neither they were availed of necessary resources during the last two years of the pandemic when they were in the shackles of four walls not gaining access to adequate classroom teaching. 






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