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  • May 01, 2022
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The Common University Test, also decreed as the CUET, is one of the most pertinent assessments a young student has to undergo and has the momentum to single-handedly decide the direction of their academic future.


Introduced in 2021, it is held once each year and has been declared mandatory by the University Grants Commission (UCG) to gain admission in the undergraduate programs of any of the forty five central universities in India.


Having been a point of controversy since its emergence, most people have been reluctant to accept the new reform.


While one point of view sees the CUET as a productive measure to create an even playing field for all the students, the other views it as an extra burden on the students’ shoulders.


Not only does this simply add to stress of clearing board examinations, but will render the significance of them as their stake in the admission process has considerably reduced.


Despite this hindrance, the compulsory clause has made it such that applications have still been pouring in at full throttle ever since the registrations for 2022 have opened.


An astounding 1.3 lakh registrations have been made in merely a single week.



Changes Announced in CUET Exam pattern


Responding to the criticism of the CUET, the concerned policy makers are amending the current structure to pacify the students’ concerns.


The National Testing Agency has issued a statement, notifying variances in two major sections of the exam; marking technique for omitted or incorrect answers and a modification in the marketing criteria of the exam.


As expected, these will naturally have a clear impact on the examination pattern and schedule.



1. Changes in the marketing technique:


Previously, it was stated that if one of the questions was incorrect, removed, or none of the answer choices are correct, then all students appearing for said examination will awarded an additional five marks.


However, this has now been adapted to state the only those students who attempted said question, will be awarded and additional five marks.



2. Changes in the marketing criteria:


Existing criteria says that the evaluation of all multiple choice questions in all subjects will be carried out by utilizing both the final and raw answer key.


This article has now been dropped and the raw answer key will not solely determine the results for the CUET 2022.



Preparation is Key


With having to balance the current pandemic, board exams, and now the upcoming CUET, it is understandable that students must be at the end of their tether.


To reduce or compartmentalize with some of overwhelming exam anxiety, we’re breaking down the academic course in order to help you make your study schedule and keep you organized in your preparation.


The most efficient approach to preparing for the entry test is to start early and ensure you are getting enough practice.


So gear up and get ready to study!


Below, we have gathered multiple resources for you to prepare extensively through.


The best way to optimize your skills and retain your lessons is through consistent practice. Attempting mock trials and sample papers helps you to apply your concepts and be prepared for the type of questions asked in the actual exam.


“Oswaal NTACUET (UG) Question Bank”, “Entrance Exam Preparation Book for 2022”, and “Chapter-wise & Topic-wise” are a few compilation of sample papers that can hugely benefit a student.


These are up to date with the latest syllabus and pattern of multiple choice of questions.


Your approach to the exam can play a major part in how well you do. There are always small tips and tricks that aid you through it, whether it’s how to better manage your time or how to make an educated guess at a multiple choice question you may not know.


“The Tips to crack the NTA CUET Exam 2022 in the first Attempt” and the “NTA CUET (UG) Question Banks 2022” are two such books with practical tips certain shortcuts that might help you ace your CUET.


With such an extensive syllabus, it’s extremely difficult to lock in all of the knowledge you’re constantly trying to retain. The “NTA CUET (UG) Sample Paper 2022” helps to boost your memory skills.


Its mnemonics creates a systemic pattern that expedites the process by which students can memorize information.



Sign Up!


Registrations are open till the 6th of May so if you are looking to study in one of India’s focal universities, it’s time to sign up!


Be sure to check all the requirements before filling out the applications as the exams start soon in July. The date sheet will be released soon by the National Testing Agency.


The student life is certainly not easy so we wish you all the best of luck!





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