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  • April 21, 2022
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Common University Entrance Test, NTA CUET 2022, is a new move by the government to make education more accessible to students under the New Education Policy.


Through this common entrance test, students will be able to apply to colleges across the nation. The first NTA CUET 2022 will take place this year.


The decision to conduct NTA CUET 2022 has been met with mixed reactions from people. Some feel that taking NTA CUET 2022 is an opportunity for students, while others think it will be a burden on them.


This step has gained much traction from both the supporters and contradictors of the move.


Whereas the University Grants Commission (UGC) is striking on the feather high, this exam, NTA CUET 2022, is a more useful test that will allow the students to just prepare for one exam and execute; accordingly, others are not in the favour yet.


As per the same, many parents and students were seen putting forth their word of mouth relating to the same aspect.


Parents believe that instead of easing their path forward, the government is adamant about creating difficulties for the current batch of class 12th students in the form of NTA CUET 2022.


An interviewing parent stated that when the children are already at the end of getting their board exams done, NTA CUET 2022 is a new and additional burden being levied on them, which solves no purpose but getting a lot brutal on their mental health.


He further added that the conduction of NTA CUET 2022 will degrade their results in the crucial board examination.


From the reports generated on the enrolment of students in the NTA CUET 2022 examination and the information gathered, 1.3 lakh students have already agreed to the same and got themselves registered in the NTA CUET 2022 exam.


The state of Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of applicants for the NTA CUET 2022, followed by Delhi and other northern states of the country, namely: Bihar, Haryana, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, etc.


Whereas the number of registrations received from Uttar Pradesh is roughly around 37,000, it has attracted a lot of students to be part of the exam.


On the other hand, lies Kerala, the hub of the most educated people, obtaining a large part of the registrations for NTA CUET 2022, standing tall to be around 4,000 in number amongst the South Indian states of the country.


Experts say that with the first week of applications for NTA CUET 2022 rounds getting registrations in lakhs, many students have seen this either as a compulsion to go ahead or an opportunity to give one exam instead of multiple.


Thus, students can be seen swiftly adapting to this new mechanism: NTA CUET 2022, which is indeed a good and great step ahead for a fruitful life as per the officials.


They furthermore added that this could be seen as a bit burden on the present batch that will appear for the NTA CUET 2022 due to their last two years being a lit hard owing to the Covid pandemic; otherwise, the next coming batches can already savour the credibility and opportunity of seeking two chances to getting into highly esteemed universities, after taking just one unified examination: NTA CUET 2022 instead of a hefty burden of multiple examinations.


But one thing that is coming to the forefront is that the students will have to appear for the NTA CUET 2022, and it is a compulsion for all those who want to get into all the elite universities in the country.


Hence, as per the same line of thought, many registrations are already happening for the NTA CUET 2022, so we can expect this test to be very popular and necessary, and crucial for the students of class 12th.


For people who are in favour of the NTA CUET 2022 are often spotted saying that it will be a cause less burden together with decreased additional fees that are payable for every examination separately.


This change in NTA CUET 2022 has sparked many interests among students and their parents, who are making inquiries about the exam at various study centres and coaching classes.


As the current batch of class 12th will be the first to undertake it, curiosity is much higher as the students do not want to let any loophole cross their career path.


As per the administration and officials, the chief advantage of this test: NTA CUET 2022, is that students need to give only one exam before going into college.


NTA CUET 2022 takes away the stress of multiple admissions tests and allows them to focus on preparing for one central exam.


They furthermore added that this exam: NTA CUET 2022, will allow the students to get into elite universities purely based on merit and their scores for the university.


Seeing that many people and the experts are not in favour of this exam due to the elevated complexity, the NTA CUET 2022 has declared one more guideline for the students appearing for the exam from 2023; ahead of that, they will be allowed to take the exam twice.


This move has been taken solely to help the students feel lightheaded. They can now avail the opportunity twice, with their chances of getting into the desired university multiplied twice.


At the same time, students and parents are being seen as positive and aligned towards this move, and they believe that this will certainly be an added advantage for the students.


One of the students, upon being interviewed, said that this step of conducting NTA CUET 2022 twice from next year would help them to take into consideration their lacking points and less prepared portions and give them an extended period to prepare and avail themselves this additional time for the preparation of the CUET exam.


Furthermore, she stated that this would relieve their stress due to the extra preparatory time. The students can now have the option to give the exam as per the schedule so that it does not clash with the board examinations any further.


She winded up saying that this is a ray of hope for all the students who fail to clear the exam in the first attempt as they will be given an additional chance to get through the paper and increase their knowledge level.


In a nutshell, with many registrations already happening for NTA CUET 2022 and a lot more are being expected, one thing can be confidently stated that the popularity and substantiality of the exam NTA CUET 2022 is more than what could be described.


This new move has been met with mixed reactions. Many students seem to prefer this method as it would be easier on their mental health.


However, some others feel that they will have more pressure on them while appearing for a single exam as it will be a lot tougher than the current system.


Though, the registration process of NTA CUET 2022 is moving ahead with 1.3 lakh registrations getting on the counter, which is expected to rise even further in the period ahead.


Thus, it can be stated that students have expected this exam: NTA CUET 2022, to the news education reality. 






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