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  • May 27, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Getting credible and informative entrance test exam books is always a hassle for students, no matter which field of study they belong to.

This dilemma is faced especially by the students set to give the CUET entrance test looking to buy help books that would enable them to boost their exam preparation.

The Central Universities Common Entrance Test, introduced at the undergraduate level, has created several hardships for students in terms of academic study.

They not only have to give their best in their Board examinations but also have to keep the entrance test preparation in view to attain admission to a university of their choice.

Not only do they require specially drafted self-help books that help with sample papers, but also those that help them comprehend the exam pattern intricately and plan practical revision strategies.

To help students out, we have a comprehensive and meticulously drafted list that can help in exam preparation and systematic revisions.


Oswaal NTA CUET (UG) Question Bank Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness & Logical Reasoning

Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness & Logical Reasoning are the primary areas of concern when it comes to preparing for the NTA CUET exam.

This Oswaal self-help book comes in a set of three books and is the perfect option for planning revision strategies and dissecting the exam pattern.

This set comprises revision notes, shortcuts, and mnemonics that save time, chapter analysis, mind maps, and several other tips and tricks to remember and retain information in one go.

A hybrid learning option is also available, and interested students can learn through concept videos and answer keys with explanations.


Oswaal NTA CUET (UG) Sample Paper, General Test + Question Bank Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness & Logical Reasoning

This compilation comprises four books and makes another suitable choice of help books that can be conveniently bought online.

Students looking to sit in the CUET exam can utilize the separate book for the general test along with particular books for the primary sections, thereby satisfying all their learning needs.

Having solved questions with detailed answer keys plays a significant role in improving a student’s preparation and boosting morale.

They would also be able to root out their mistakes and mediate them well in time, ensuring that they don’t take place when they solve mock tests again in the future.

These books are available with revision notes as well, which proves highly beneficial for students to touch upon their concepts at the last moment or a few weeks before their exams.


Oswaal NTA CUET (UG) 10 Sample Question Papers, English

Students who wish to pass their English exam portion with flying colors in the CUET exam can opt for this helpful book as it is one of the most suitable options to consider.

Comprising NCERT-based MCQs and relevant question answers, this book is a great option for students to test their knowledge and plan their revision strategies and sessions accordingly.

The book offers both solved and unsolved self-assessment questions, which can help in regular knowledge testing whenever students are studying, revising, or at any other intervals.

The book can be availed in both paperback and Kindle editions, allowing students the convenience of studying it at their convenience.

A large majority of the answers in this book come with suitable explanations that can help them root out, evaluate, and rectify their mistakes.


Oswaal NTA CUET (UG) 10 Sample Question Papers, History

Students who aspire to ace their history exam preparations for the NTA CUET exam should consider buying this book, as it can prove to be a great help when it comes to self-assessment exams and sample papers.

The book also includes mind maps that help in enhancing retention and choosing the most suitable answer in the examination hall.

In addition, it also includes the various tips and strategies to ace the exam on the very first attempt, which may also help students make alterations in their revision strategies when required.

The book can be availed in both paperback and Kindle editions for students’ ease.

Now, if you need the guide books to crack CUET Exam then you can get them here : https://oswaalbooks.com/collections/competitive-entrance-exams/cuetug-2022


Best of Luck!

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