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How to Score High in CLAT 2024 Exam? A Guide to a Good Score

How to Score High in CLAT 2024 Exam? A Guide to a Good Score

  • March 19, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an entrance exam conducted by the Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs). This examination is truly a giant professional nut for a prestigious Indian law school. This, then, in the realm of imagination, is what one should ideally plan for securing a seat at one's dream NLU: 

Demystifying the CLAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus

First, one should, therefore, know a thing about the exam format and the syllabus before one actually starts preparing for the CLAT examination. Know all about the number of questions, sections, and the allocated time. All the things are detailed on the official CLAT website. Aspirants hotly searching for CLAT Syllabus have all types of deadly fear staring at them—the only thing is they didn’t note that it is just right to be prepared. CLAT Syllabus will ensure you cover all the necessary topics across the five sections:

  • English Language (Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability)
  • Current Affairs including Legal Knowledge
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Legal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Techniques (Data Interpretation, Basic Mathematics)

Recommended Books:  

CLAT Books for Admission Test 2025

CLAT Previous Year Solved Papers for Admission Test 2025

CLAT Syllabus For 2025 Admission Test

Building a Strong Foundation: Acquiring the Right Resources

    CLAT Books and Study Material:

    Apart from this, the series of the CLAT books and study material is one good investable option because of the hallmark study material provided by reputed publishers. These pieces of material are nothing short of elaborate and cover the whole of the syllabus in the least of the words. Make sure that the chosen one is much relevant to the particular areas and gives clear explanations and is widely methodical.

    How to Utilizing CLAT Previous Year Question Papers and Mock Tests?

      CLAT Previous Year Question Papers:

      The best way to do that is by practicing from question papers of previous years of the CLAT. This way, you really get to understand the format of questions they set, the difficulty level of those questions, and which are the recurring topics. You can then check the answers to see the pattern and your areas of strengths and weaknesses.


      CLAT Mock Test Papers

      Finally, it would provide you with the best of solutions aimed at time management strategy development. That is, taking several mock tests at regular intervals through your preparation would give you a feel of the real exam. After each such mock test, you take time out to analyze your performance in it. This will now act as a map pointing out ways of improvement.

      Sharpening Your Skills: Section-Specific Strategies

      English Language:

      Develop a strong reading habit with newspapers, magazines, and quality fiction.Focus on improving vocabulary by maintaining a vocabulary notebook and practicing synonyms and antonyms. Hone your comprehension skills by regularly practicing reading comprehension passages and summarizing key points.

      Current Affairs including Legal Knowledge:

      Be updated with the current affairs of the country by going through newspapers, checking important links for news online, and listening to news channels. Also, focus on the legal developments, leading judgments, and important bills passed by the legislature.


      Logical Reasoning and Legal Reasoning:

      Analyzing arguments, identifiable logical fallacies, and drawing inferences from the given information; familiarize with legal principles and apply them in a number of situations. Resolving the questions of the previous year's papers and the attached mock are reason-based.

      Quantitative Aptitude Techniques:

      Brushing up basic mathematical skills, like calculating percentages, averages, and ratios. Practicing questions on data interpretation while going through graph, chart, and table problems. Learning quick calculation methods that will save loads of time during the exam. 

      Make your studies the daily routine and give revision time regularly. It can be by the ways of memorizing core topics from making flashcards, mind maps, and mnemonics out of techniques that you find helpful. Believe me, during CLAT time keeps ticking because CLAT is actually a speed and accuracy examination.

      Appraise your time while practicing and while attempting mock tests. Don’t put yourself in the position of trying questions of which you don’t know without thinking.

      Practice Now with Free Oswaal360 Online Previous Year Question Papers for CLAT 2024 Exam

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