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NEET Plus Supplement Book for NEET 2024! Latest Updated Syllabus & Question Bank of Additional Topics

NEET Plus Supplement Book for NEET 2024! Latest Updated Syllabus & Question Bank of Additional Topics

  • November 21, 2023
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Preparing for the NTA NEET (UG) exam requires staying ahead of the curve with the latest syllabus and updated study materials. The NTA NEET (UG) PLUS Supplement Book is a must-have resource for aspiring medical students gearing up for the 2024 exam. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the features and benefits of this book, designed to enhance your preparation and boost your exam readiness. Let's explore why this book deserves a prime spot on your study desk.

Updated Syllabus:

This book is meticulously crafted according to the NMC NEET Updated Syllabus released on 6th October 2023 for the 2024 Exam. It ensures that you stay aligned with the most recent curriculum changes.

100% Updated Content:

Stay on the cutting edge of your preparation with content that is 100% updated, incorporating newly added topics and concepts. This feature ensures that you are well-versed in all the relevant information for the upcoming exam.

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Revision Notes for Concept Clarity:

To aid your understanding of new topics and concepts, the book provides comprehensive revision notes. These notes are invaluable for achieving clarity on complex subjects, allowing for a more effective study session.

Exam Readiness:

Achieve 100% exam readiness with a comprehensive comparative chart that highlights the differences between the 2023 and 2024 syllabus. This feature is designed to help you identify and focus on the areas that require special attention for the upcoming exam.

Valuable Exam Insights:

Gain a competitive edge with valuable exam insights provided in the book. These insights are designed to give you a strategic advantage, helping you tackle the exam confidently.

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Practice Questions:

Reinforce your learning with over 150 practice questions based on the new topics and concepts. These questions are strategically curated to align with the updated syllabus, offering you ample opportunity to test and enhance your knowledge.


In the journey toward NEET (UG) 2024 success, the "NTA NEET (UG) PLUS Supplement Book" stands as an invaluable companion. With its commitment to updated content, concept clarity, and strategic insights, this book is designed to empower students to not just meet but exceed the expectations of the examination. As you embark on your preparation, make sure this comprehensive guide is a part of your arsenal for success.

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