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  • May 22, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


JEE gave aspirants the gift of appearing four times in the exam in a year. This was made due to sudden outburst of COVID due to which the all the normal routine was affected. It was done to compensate for the lost chances of the students.

According to the NTA, students would be permitted to take JEE Main exam 2022 twice and not 4 times this year.

Students who will complete their 12th grade in 2022 will be able to take the JEE Main exam in three consecutive years, i.e., JEE Main exam 2022, JEE Main exam 2023, and JEE Main exam 2024.

This move is student friendly and has some major benefits. Some of them are listed below. 


If a candidate takes both JEE Main exam sessions, he or she would receive the following perks

1. If candidates are dissatisfied with their JEE main 2022 exam results in the first round, they can retake it in the second session.

2. If a candidate made a mistake during the first round of JEE main 2022 exam, they will be given the opportunity to correct those errors.

3. Candidates do not need to wait a year; they can correct their errors with a second opportunity for JEE main 2022 exam.

4. If a candidate misses the first sitting of JEE Main 2022, he or she does not have to wait a year to reapply.

5. Your first try of JEE main 2022 exam will provide you with your first genuine experience with the examination, and you will learn about your weak areas, which you may enhance in the next session.

6. This reduces the likelihood of dropping a year since if you are dissatisfied with your achievement in the first session of JEE main 2022 exam, you can improve in subsequent sessions because you have the option of attempting the second sessions.

7. If somebody misses the JEE main 2022 examination owing to factors such as illness or a board exam on the same date as the JEE mains, he or she will not have to wait a full year.

8. In summary, if candidates are unable to offer their best opportunity in one attempt, the next round of JEE MAIN 2022 exam will use them as several opportunities to enhance their grades in JEE MAINS 2022 exam.

9. After the first attempt of JEE main exam 2022, you can assess your preparation level and focus on your problematic sections/topics to provide a decent chance the next time.

10. JEE main exam 2022, which is now conducted by NTA, an independent entity, would result in higher-quality questions and fewer faults in the exam.

Better quality does not always imply tougher. Better quality questions imply better judging of 'knowledge' rather than mugging up power.

But will it have any bad repercussions? No, I don't believe so! Some may argue that this would enable coaching institutes making more money, stress students with more exams to take, and so on.

However, these factors may be true to some degree, but when weighed against the benefits of this change, they may not hold up well in a debate. So don't be concerned! Whatever transpired is going to make your JEE main 2022 exam preparation easier in any case.

Abolishing four exams a year plan was a good move though, as there will be no change in strategy because the same syllabus and test format will be used.

Additionally preparing four sets of JEE main exam 2022 paper actually contorted the difficulty level of the exam and compromised the homogeneity of the questions.

Although it’s dependent on percentile, but too many papers is unfair to the students. To be fair, any exam should be held annually so that aspirants are judged on same parameter, nature of the questions across the country at same time.

The problem with four attempts was that, last year JEE had to declare 18 students as rank one holder.

Meanwhile what you can do is, concentrate on finishing the syllabus and aligning your JEE Mains exam 2022 study with the boards. Conduct mock tests on a regular basis, as well as test analysis.

Keep monitoring and enhance your speed and exam temperament, as well as edit your handwritten notes. Use the time difference to enhance your weaker areas. Students must also continue to improve their results by monitoring their timing throughout the mock tests.

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