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  • September 01, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

CAT 2022 Exam is one of the most competitive admission tests in India, and the majority of candidates struggle hard to pass this national-level entrance exam.

However, because it is a difficult row to hoe, students who prepare with tenacity and foresight are more likely to pass CAT 2022-23 in the first attempt.


CAT 2022 Exam Syllabus

Candidates willing to succeed in CAT 2022 should familiarize themselves with the CAT 2022 Exam test pattern before beginning their preparation. CAT questions are designed to assess candidates' aptitude and reasoning ability.


Tips for CAT Preparation in 2022


Stick to the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

Candidates wishing to succeed in CAT 2022 Exam should prepare according to the most recent test pattern and curriculum.


Create a study routine.

Candidates studying for CAT 2022 should create a study schedule after reviewing the curriculum and test pattern. They should divide the study time according to the topic weightage and leave ample time to work on weak areas.

VARC might take more time to prepare than QA for some students. Others may find grammar to be difficult. So first categorize all of them according to the difficulty level and then start preparing accordingly.


Selecting the Best Study Resources

Candidates must select the appropriate resources, such as study materials, books, and other relevant resources, when studying for CAT 2022 Exam. Candidates should only read literature of trustworthy authors.

Also the study materials and resource books should be of a trusted publication house to ensure success.


Create Study Notes

Candidates should read more than the regular study materials and books. While learning, they should also take notes on the relevant aspects. It will aid students in memorizing the points as they prepare for CAT 2022 in the last minutes.


Examine Previous Year's Exam Papers

Candidates studying for CAT 2022 Exam should take help of previous years' CAT question papers. These will assist students in determining their strengths and limitations, as well as the difficulty level of the CAT question pattern.

Previous Year Question Papers also provide better exam insight and hence improves preparation.  

Candidates can also take CAT Mock Test Papers that simulate exam settings. It will assist them in answering CAT 2022 questions within the time constraints.


How to Get the Best English Grades

The English Section of the CAT 2022 Exam test is quite deciding. The questions are meant to assess the candidate's English competence through comprehension passages, grammar, and vocabulary.

1. Make it to read a newspaper every day. Newspaper opinion and editorial sections should be read.

2. Make it a point to learn the meaning of every new term you come across and to utilize it in everyday situations.

3. Learn the fundamentals of grammar and apply what you've learned to a variety of grammar practice activities.

4. Begin practising Reading Comprehension with short readings and progress to longer ones.

5. Every day, try to learn some new synonyms and antonyms.

6. Practice as many RC passages as possible to increase your reading speed.

7. To enhance your grammar, practise sentence correction, phrase substitution, recognising errors, and para-jumbles.


Good Luck for CAT 2022 Exam !

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