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  • April 30, 2022
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Are you also looking for the best sample papers which will cover all the significant questions listed? So don't worry!

Here we are providing you a list of the best books and sample papers for JEE mains exams 2022. Considering these papers and solving these will help you score good marks.

Students studying for the JEE Main 2022 exam should know the books used as reference material for IIT JEE studies. The dates for the JEE Main test have been released; this year's JEE exam will be held in two sessions (April and May).

To gain admission to IITs and NITs, students must perform well in JEE Main 2022, which can only be accomplished by studying the top JEE Main books.

Since we know that JEE is one of the most demanding papers to crack, never losing faith in yourself will make you "successful."

JEE Main Best Books 2022 for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics should be used to strengthen further the concepts learned.

Check out JEE Main syllabus, exam pattern, and other information related to JEE Main exam in addition to the best books for JEE Main 2022 through this article.

Best Books for JEE Main 2022 - These are your true friends

Ernest Hemingway said, "There is no friend as faithful as a book." This is an introductory statement. Given that cracking JEE Main Exam 2022 would require some extra preparation, that would be accomplished only by reading the best JEE Main 2022 books. You should make friends with the best books for IIT JEE.

Oswaal JEE (Mains) Solved Papers + JEE Main Mock Test 15 Sample Question Papers (Set of 4 Books) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics:

 If you wish to practice JEE Main solved papers and sample question papers, this is one of the most suggested set of books that you might consider purchasing. The set includes fully completed solutions as well as step-by-step theories. Also, Oswaal is a trend leader in examinations, and therefore for all the newest updates and sample papers, this is one of the brands to consider for your exams.

These books include mind maps, mnemonics, example papers with full explanations, pictures, QR codes for scanning, and many other features.

Oswaal JEE Main Mock Test 15 Sample Question Papers (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) 

For all the candidates preparing for physics, chemistry, and mathematics subjects, this is one of the most recommended books. The set consists of 3 Oswaal books  with different subjects. This is a wonderful alternative if you merely want to practice answering many questions in the last few weeks before your JEE Main exam. After completing this book, you will understand the patterns and question formats in the JEE main exams in 2022. 

The sample papers are police solved, and there are a lot of tough questions that will help you boost your brain's productivity. More tests can now be administered in the comfort of one's own home. This book is an excellent choice for everybody because it provides a blended learning experience.

Concept of Physics Part-1 & 2 by HC Verma: for all the students who won to analyze the deep theory of physics, this HC Verma book is for them. It is easy for the students to know the solution and the logic behind the tricky physics questions of physics. In this book, the students will have questions, best diagrams, and many more.


RD Sharma Objective Mathematics For JEE (Main & Advance) Vol:1 &  2: for all those students who want to analyze the deep theory of mathematics and solve all the questions, this RD Sharma book is for them. This book consists of the step-by-step solving answers, and also it focuses on the tricky questions which are going to be a target on the main exams.

Here are some questions which will clear your doubts:


Question: Are NCERT books enough for JEE Main?

Answer: JEE Main is a national-level entrance exam. Hence, studying only from NCERT books will not be enough. However, many JEE Main toppers recommend NCERT books well in advance to aspirants who are preparing for IIT JEE, especially for Chemistry, where many times direct questions are asked from the book.


Question: Can I prepare for all the JEE Main subjects with a single book?

Answer: No, studying from a single book will not suffice to prepare for JEE Main 2022. As a result, in addition to NCERT texts, some reference books should be developed.


Question: I've got my notes. Should I use them or the JEE Main books to study?

Answer: If a candidate has personally written study notes for JEE Main, they should be given extra consideration. Other textbooks should be used for JEE Main preparation after the letters have been thoroughly prepared.


Question: Is Oswaal JEE 2022 good enough for JEE Mains?

Answer: All the concepts are explained in detail in Oswaal JEE mains 2022 book for JEE Main. It is a good reference book for Maths, chemistry, and physics subjects for the aspirants preparing for JEE Main 2022.



All the Best!

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