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  • December 15, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Conducted at both national and international levels, Olympiad exams are held to test students’ analytical abilities, conceptual understanding and many other key learning skills.


They also provide an early exposure to appear in competitive examinations.


But, why should your kid be preparing for Olympiad Exams from Olympiad Books


Let's answer this!



1. Early Start


Referring to the right Olympiad books at various levels improves students’ problem solving and analytical abilities.


Through Olympiad Exams, students can check their performance, improve academically and acquire skills in acing competitive examinations early on.


And for that, Olympiad Books are the first source of right resource materials for the preparation of these examinations.


They also give students an early start and eliminates the time to search for other books.



2. Know the Syllabus


Thorough understanding of syllabus, and preparing a topic wise schedule are the pivotal for any competitive exams, and same goes for Olympiad Exams


If students are not aware of the syllabus, they can risk missing important topics in the examination.


Hence before preparation, it is important to authenticate the syllabus through high quality resources like Olympiad Books



3. Knowing the Exam Pattern


With a highly competitive exam like Olympiads, understanding the examination pattern is of utmost importance.


To ensure high score in the Olympiads, students should be thoroughly acquainted with the exam pattern, the syllabus, the question format and the marking scheme.


Olympiad Books provide MCQs covering knowledge based, understanding based, application based and skill-based questions of different levels.


This enables students to practice and build constructive thinking and problem solving.



4. Rigorous Practice


Olympiad preparation needs rigorous practice.


For Olympiad Exam, students need to set apart dedicated time to practice every day and improve their problem-solving abilities.


Since the students will compete with their peers nationally and internationally, Olympiad Exam preparations are very intense and require everyday practice.



Here are the 5 science-backed reasons why students need Mind Maps! Read to learn!



5. Learning Analysis


To ace Olympiad Exams with high score, conceptual clarity is a must.


Without thorough knowledge of the subject, students cannot expect to know how to answer conceptual questions in Olympiad Exam. 


And that's why students need this exam to enhance their overall performance, optimum development, and reveal insights into where they need to focus for they own betterment. 


And for that, Olympiad Books provide opportunities for learning analysis, helping students evaluate and self-correct.





Olympiad Exams are all about adaptability – adapting to difficult or more difficult questions progressively.


And to ensure timely and result oriented preparation in examinations, Olympiad Books are a must-have.


Students should procure the books in a timely fashion to ensure they are able to avail all the features of the books and commence their preparation in a timely way.



All the Best!



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