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  • April 26, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


No, the usage of calculators is strictly prohibited in the CUET exam. You are not allowed to take any calculator or other digital gadget inside the examination center.


Even if the calculators are not allowed in the CUET exam centers, you need to be very proficient and thorough with your preparation so you don’t need a calculator for performing calculations.


CUET 2022 exam will be proctored exam and you will be monitored for the entire duration of the exam. It is a computer-based test that will be conducted in two slots.


Slot 1 will be conducted in the morning shift whereas slot 2 will be conducted in the evening shift. The exam will only comprise the MCQ-type of questions that you need to answer in the stipulated time.


With every correct answer, you will be allotted 5 marks and for every incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted. Therefore, you need to attempt the questions very carefully.


There will be overall four sections in the CUET exam. Section IA & IB will primarily focus on the language subjects. Section IA will allow you the option of 13 languages to choose from.


Whereas, Section IB will majorly focus on the 19 foreign languages and you can choose subjects from this section if you want to pursue your higher studies in some foreign language degree.


Both the sections IA & IB will have 50 questions of each language you select for the CUET exam. From an overall of 50 questions per language, you only need to attempt any 40 questions.


Section II will offer you 27 domain-specific subjects. These subjects can be related or not related to your subjects of class 12. But, you should select at least 1-2 subjects of the highest familiarity.


You can choose a maximum of 6 domain-specific subjects from this section. For each domain-specific subject you choose, you have to attempt 40 questions out of 50 questions for the subjects.


For both the sections, you will be given 45 minutes per subject that you opt for in the CUET exam. You have the entire flexibility to go for any section in the first place as per your needs.


Section III will be a general test that will allow you to test your aptitude and logical skills. This test will be conducted for 60 minutes and you need to answer 60 questions from an overall of 75 questions.


This is not a compulsory section but you can sit for this section if the university to which you are planning to get admission seeks its compulsion.


You can only give the general test in slot 1 i.e. morning session as slot 2 doesn’t offer any such opportunity. But, you should sit for the general test in the CUET exam as it opens various doors of opportunities for you.


Combining the slot 1 and slot 2 choices for the CUET exam, you can only choose a maximum of 9 subjects in the CUET exam.


Therefore, before applying for any subject make sure that it is aligned with the university requirements to which you wish to apply. You need to properly check the eligibility criteria of each university to which you want to apply.


The registration process for the CUET exam has already begun on April 6, 2022, and the last date to apply for the same is May 6, 2022.


It is recommended that you fill out the registration form at the earliest to avoid any last-minute hassles while filling out the application form.


Moreover, the CUET exam will be based on the NCERT curriculum. So, all the class 12 students must align their preparation in this direction no matter whether they are from the CBSE board or not.


So, it's high time to pull up your socks and start preparing for the CUET exam.







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