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Can I Crack NDA in 3 Months?

Can I Crack NDA in 3 Months?

  • May 08, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Cracking the NDA exam in 3 months is achievable and can change your life. But how? This may be the question that is spinning around in some people’s heads. The answer is a resounding yes! You can absolutely crack the NDA in 3 months with smart work. 

When the syllabus of NDA itself covers Maths, the General Ability Test (GAT), and an optional subject, completing it within three months demands strategic planning as well as implementation. 

Given below are some tips on how to crack the NDA in 3 months:

Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus:- Initially, one must know the pattern of examination including each and every topic thoroughly, so that no stone remains unturned during preparation time itself for the same. 

Recommended Books: 

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NDA Previous Year Question Papers for 2024 Exams

NDA Syllabus for 2024 Exams

Secondly, getting familiarized with subjects along with their weightage among sections & marking scheme would let us devise our strategy towards studies accordingly while identifying weak areas also becomes easy if we have got knowledge about how many marks different parts carry or what types of questions are expected from them etc. 

And thirdly. Better understand what type of questions come in the exam by referring to NDA previous year papers/NDA books/NDA study material based on which more practice needs to be done.

Make a Study Plan That Works For You: Creating effective study plan according personal strengths weaknesses can do wonders because everything doesn’t fit everybody when it comes down cracking any competitive exams especially like NDA within such short span of time i.e., three months only.


Pay Attention To Basic Concepts: Focus mainly on basics & fundamentals while studying Mathematics or any other subject for that matter because a strong foundation leads towards a better understanding of complex concepts easily without much effort being put into solving problems related to those areas quickly too thereafter;

Practice, Practice and More Practice: Once we have acquired the necessary knowledge about the NDA exam pattern, which includes subjects, total marks, etc. now, it becomes equally important that more questions must be related to each topic, whether from NDA previous years’ papers/mock tests available or other NDA GK Book.

Keep updated with current affairs: Be aware of what’s happening around the world because General Ability Test (GAT) section covers majorly GK & Current Affairs topics. Go through newspapers like The Hindu/The Indian Express along with books like NDA GK Book and Best Book for NDA. 

Take care of yourself physically and mentally: Three months may appear a short period of time, but remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight either; hence, without sacrificing health, try to sleep well, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, all these things contribute towards overall wellbeing by keeping mind body fresh active throughout preparation journey itself.

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Yes, cracking the NDA in 3 months is achievable with the right approach and unwavering dedication. Undoubtedly, it is possible to cover the NDA syllabus in three months, provided a proper approach coupled with unwavering commitment is followed religiously. Follow these steps diligently and stick to a disciplined study routine, then success shall be yours; Consistency Key.

This is not a complete list; there may be other methods that fit your learning style. The main idea is that you can break the NDA in three months. With proper preparation and an indomitable spirit, anything is possible.

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