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  • April 07, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


There is a common myth that NCERT books are not meant for ICSE students. But, it is not the case. NCERT books have proper details about the topic that students need to refer to for the semester 2 examination.


No doubt, you won't find in-depth knowledge in NCERT, but, it can be precisely used for getting a clear idea about the topics to study.


NCERT books can be used by the ICSE board students because they are exclusively designed to clear your concepts rather than going with in-depth knowledge.


You will find every topic in the NCERT books explained most neatly and simply possible.


As you keep on reading the concepts from NCERT, you become familiar with the basic idea of the topic and it will help you easily grasp that topic in your head.


If you want more emphasis on in-depth knowledge then you can go for the books written exclusively for the ICSE syllabus.


But, if you are reading the topic for the very first time then getting a brief about it is much more important than you can easily get from NCERT.


NCERT books lay the basic foundation for learning. No matter, which board you are studying, to get the basic knowledge of the concepts from NCERT is a must-have for your knowledge.


No NCERT books are entirely enough to cater to the preparation requirements of the students of the ICSE boards. ICSE and CBSE follow a completely different pattern of the curriculum offered to the students.


In addition to that, they even differ in the publications, as well as the pattern of questions in the examination. So it's always advisable that you follow the publication house according to the board in which you are studying.


If you're studying in the CBSE or any other state board then you going with the NCERT is the best option otherwise it's not mandatory to follow the NCERT book.


The NCERT is responsible for designing the curriculum for Kindergarten to Class XII students.


The syllabus and the texts of the NCERT books align with the pattern of the competitive exams to assist in its preparation. If you have in-depth knowledge of the NCERT then you can easily crack the competitive exams.


As the NCERT pattern is nationally followed by a large lot of curriculums, CISCE is in further discussions to adopt the NCERT curriculum for the future. But, there is no confirmation for the same.


No doubt, the CBSE follows the NCERT approach for its curriculum but it has not gone to the extent ICSE has gone to offer in-depth as well as practical knowledge to the students in no time.


With the assistance of CBSE, students have room for improvement to upskill their preparation for the board exams as well as competitive exams.


But, the ICSE books are primarily designed to offer extensive and challenging knowledge to stand as per the international level of education, which in turn is not bad.


Nowadays, the main agenda of education is to impart knowledge to the students. No matter, the board on which you are studying you always have an opportunity to excel in the exams.


NCERT books are a great pool of knowledge that will help you with your exam preparation.






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