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  • May 14, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Sample papers have long been the most crucial studying material for students. Any student, who performs well in a competitive or board exam of any sort, hails the effectiveness of the sample papers as the ideal preparation tool.


Why does every serious aspirant give so much importance to the sample papers day-in-week-out? Why does the topper of any exam suggest solving as many sample papers? Why do teachers stress the value of rigorous sample paper practice?


If you are preparing for CUET 2022 then practicing previous year's papers regularly is going to be the best way for you to understand the CUET exam pattern and type of questions expected and prepare yourself for the final haul.


The National Testing Agency (NTA) this year is all set to conduct Central University Entrance Test (CUET 2022) for admission into various UG/UI and PG courses in all the Central Universities for 2022-23 academic sessions.


This single-window test will provide equal opportunities to High school passing students across the country who aim to get admission into central universities.


CUET 2022 will be a computer-based test (CBT). The question paper of which will be divided into the following sections, a compulsory language test, two domain-specific tests, and a general test.


CUET 2022 Exam scores will be accepted by 44 Central and other private universities.


NTA (National testing Agency) has released the sample papers for the CUET 2022 on the official website. Now to necessitate substantial planning applicants should start studying from these sample papers for the CUET Exam.


According to teachers and education experts, these sample papers will help students get rid of their fear of the unknown. As the CUET exam is going to be conducted for the very first time, most of the students don’t know what the pattern of the paper will be.


By solving these essential board-certified sample papers students can learn a lot about the type of questions that will be asked in the CUET 2022 beating away their stress.



How sample papers will help you be more productive in CUET 2022 preparation?


It’s one thing to solve sample papers aimlessly, it's the other thing to know what to derive from your performance in a sample paper. These are the things that will make the difference as they will help you improve with every attempt.





It's not a once in a blue moon thing. To get the best out of the sample papers of CUET 2022 you need to practice them regularly. Only then will it help you improve your timing and ability to write well.



Serious Business


Since you know that it is not the final paper one tends to take it lightly and solve sample papers slowly. Plus there will be many distractions at your peril while attempting to solve a CUET 2022 sample paper.


But the deal is to time the paper and practice as much as possible in the CUET exam environment. Hence, they should be treated as serious business. So when you are solving you give your best efforts, only then can you deduce the right degree of your preparedness.



Know the syllabus


How will you solve a question from a concept which is yet to be read by you? You simply cannot, so before you start taking CUET 2022 sample paper you should get well-acquainted with the syllabus.


Without covering the entire course there is no point in taking the sample paper since they are based on the entire syllabus. Half knowledge and half syllabus will divide your confidence and preparations in half only.


So whenever you go, go all-in with all resources.



Revise before you Attempt


After every attempt at a CUET 2022 sample paper make sure to revise the whole subject or at least the areas of weakness and important concepts. The revisions will help you settle the areas in which earlier you made a mistake.


This way, your next attempts will keep getting better and better with every next sample paper.



Timing is the key


Record your time for each section in each attempted CUET 2022 sample paper. This will help you be aware of how much time you usually take to complete a section/question and how much time you should ideally be investing to complete each type of question.



Benefits of conscious sample paper solving


Practicing CUET Sample Papers consciously before appearing for the CUET 2022 examination will have the following benefits for you,



Exam awareness


NTA CUET 2022 is a new exam with a new pattern. Anxiety is the most common thing that will hit you when you are uncertain about what types of questions can be asked in the CUET exam.


Sample papers dilute this anxiety and make you aware of the type of question, pattern and marking scheme of the examination. Solving sample papers reduces the stress and exam fear to a great extent.



Performance Parameters


Putting your knowledge to the test is the best way to self-assess your performance for CUET 2022. The more sample papers you solve, the more prepared you will feel for the final CUET exam.


Meanwhile, it will highlight your strengths and areas that need more work. Apart from strengths and weaknesses, your ability to complete the exam on time and mental stamina till the last question are important performance parameters to be aware of.



Wise always Revise


What is better than once? Twice! What is better than twice? Thrice! And what's even better is to revise, every time you are going to attempt a CUET 2022 sample paper.


Statistics prove that those who spend enough time to revise, store information in long term memory and perform better in exams compared to those who don’t.


Solving sample papers is a comprehensive revision technique to remember what you have studied for a longer time and with greater accuracy.



A necessary fuel for the confidence


Confidence is like a double-edged sword. If you do well in something and you are in heaven on the contrary performing badly, your day will keep on getting worse.


Consistently doing well in the CUET 2022 sample paper will propel your confidence to succeed on an entirely new level. At the end of the day, the hunger to do well is what makes the difference between a meritorious student and a non-meritorious one in the CUET Exam.



Source of new questions


It’s very hard to find new questions based on new concepts in books. As more often than not they have just the collection of questions from previous year's papers or other books.


CUET 2022 Sample papers have a variety of new questions. So this is where your true mettle is tested.


Because solving new questions in a book is very different to solving those in a sample paper, where any calculation error or reading mistake may result in unnecessary loss of marks.



Exam Temperament


There must be many students in your class who are more intelligent than you or have natural ability in a subject. Intelligence and ability are common. What is hard to find is the character to handle the pressure in the exam environment.


More often you have heard that someone or the other forgot all that they have studied as soon as they entered the exam hall. That is the effect of exam-temperament.


On the day of the CUET exam, the exam-temperament will play a big role as much as your hard work, dedication and effort during the preparation. Solving sample papers gives you the taste of that adrenaline rush and helps you calm your horses down.


That’s all Gyaan on sample papers from us now it’s time for you to take the test of your real gyaan. And start practicing sample papers to ace the NTA CUET 2022.



Best of luck to you!


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