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Does ICSE Use NCERT Books?

Does ICSE Use NCERT Books?

  • July 09, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

As your child gets ready for the crucial Class 10 ICSE exams, selecting the right study materials is of utmost importance. One frequently asked question in this regard is whether NCERT books are valid, which CBSE students extensively make use of. The answer is rather straightforward: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) does not use NCERT books for ICSE Class 10.

Let’s get into some of the key differences between ICSE and NCERT books for class 10 to enable you make informed choices.

Curriculum Divergence:

The ICSE curriculum prepared by CISCE differs greatly from the NCERT syllabus used by CBSE. This means that subject matter, syllabus coverage and learning objectives may vary. Whereas there could be some common topics, ICSE class 10 books touch more on specific aspects, sometimes from a global viewpoint.

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Examination Focus:

Knowledge application and analysis form a great focus of ICSE exams. Many times, ICSE class 10 question banks go beyond cramming, asking students to explain concepts deeply and their applications in real-life situations. However, this is contrary to what NCERT texts do since they tend to suit standardized testing approaches only.

Content and Style:

ICSE class 10 Books are often more detailed with many solved/unsolved examples plus an orientation towards developing critical thinking skills. Its writing style can sometimes be denser than that of NCERT that tends to employ short explanations.


Finding the Right Fit:

NCERT books would therefore not be best primary resource material for the examinations in ICSE class 10 since it follows a different curriculum structure from CBSE board’s one. In fact, choosing specifically designed ICSE Class 10 Books that align with current CISCE syllabus is essential. These have been designed carefully so as to meet examination patterns thus are comprehensive and well targeted to help learners succeed.

Supplementary Resources:

Though not very useful as core materials for ICSE Class 10 exams, NCERT textbooks are good supplementary study materials like ICSE Sample Paper Class 10 and ICSE Class 10 Question Bank. For example referring to certain topics in the NCERT books can give a different insight and reinforce understanding.

Maximizing Success:

To excel in ICSE class 10 exams, students need to combine effective study skills and quality resources. Look for ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers and ICSE Class 10 Question Banks that closely copy actual examination format and level of difficulty. By using these students can find out their areas of strength and weaknesses, overcome fear of examinations, manage time well during the tests.

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Understanding the core differences between ICSE and NCERT books empowers parents and students to select the most appropriate study materials for Class 10 success. Through focusing on ICSE Class 10 Books and complementing them with strategic utilization of NCERT texts as well as intense practicing with ICSE Sample Paper Class 10 and ICSE Class 10 Question Bank; they will be confident when approaching their tests after having acquired extensive knowledge about syllabus.

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