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How As A Teacher You Can Help Students To Improve Their Communication?

How As A Teacher You Can Help Students To Improve Their Communication?

  • September 12, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

English has become one of the most popular languages in our country. But when it comes to speaking or writing the language fluently then that’s the place where things go sideways. It’s the world’s official Lingua Franca.

Most students find great difficulty in the language, but they don't have much time for improving their command of the language.

And whenever a student faces a problem, the teacher must come to the rescue.

If you are a teacher then, you must have encountered the scenario in your classroom, and these are some of the tips you can suggest to your students to improve english skills.

Improve English Skills with these amazing tips:


1. Explore new words everyday

Ask your students to keep on exploring new words to improve their English skills as their hold on vocabulary gets better.

Whenever reading something in English ask your students to keep a pen and dairy with you. Whenever a new word appears, just Google its meaning and write that down.  

Students can do this task first thing in the morning. And, for the rest of the day keep on revising those new words.

Don't pressurize them to use those words at an earlier stage. Just find their meanings and enrich vocabulary to improve English skills


2. Try to think in English

“Try to think in English”, this may seem weird at the first instant but ask your students to do it. You will be stunned to see that most of the students in your classroom will become better at English once they start thinking in it.

But the question is, how to think in English?

It’s the regular tendency of our brain to think in our regional language whenever we are thinking or planning something.

Teachers need to convince their students to become habitual of thinking in a particular pattern, which is a must to get better at English.


3. Converse in English with your family

Now, this is something of utmost importance.

Teachers should promote students to converse in English with their family. This will help students to improve English skills, and they’ll feel more confident after every speaking session.


4. Review your English lesson at the end of the day

Teachers need to apply this mantra in their class – “If you have learned something in English class then take that beyond your class.”

Students should make it a habit to spend at least 10 minutes at home to revise the new words & learnings that they learn in the classroom. It will help to keep things fresh in the memory and it will stay intact in the longer run.


5. Listen to others

The more students would pay attention to others, the more they’ll learn better.

For example, while working on a group project, try to pay proper attention to what others are saying.

There might be a situation in which someone has made a mistake, so, instead of making fun of others, try to politely step in and tell them the correct thing.

Because the same situation can happen to anyone.



English is a universal language that can be easily improved upon.

Teachers are the universal guide at the time of crises for the students.

The above tips can help your students to improve english skills and have a command over the language.

So, why not give it a shot?

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