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  • July 08, 2022
  • Posted By : Jai Singh

Ways to improve English for Hindi medium students  

Students from Hindi-medium have a phobia regarding English because it is not the primary subject in which they are taught during their classroom hours.

So, does this mean that they can't improve their English?

The answer is a big NO!

No matter in which medium a student is studying, he/she can always improve his English.

But, now the question is, can a student from Hindi medium improve English in 29 days? Well, if you are consistent and hardworking then nothing is impossible.

There are some of the most phenomenal ways that students can inculcate in their routine to improve English. If you are someone who is also sailing in the same boat then this is just the blog for you.

So, without any further delays let’s have a look at the ways by which students can improve their English.


Why improving English is important for students?

Most of you must be wondering why English must be a subject taught to the students of Hindi medium then why is it so important to improve English?

Well, English is an international language and will help the students to go to any corner of the globe without any hindrance. Moreover, if we talk about India, then also different people in different states speak various languages.

And, if people know English then it will lower the communication barrier between them. Therefore, Hindi-medium students have a zeal to improve their English.


Ways to improve English

Improving the English language is not like a sweet pill that you take and you start speaking flawlessly. Students need to put consistent efforts to improve their English.

Below are some of the amazing ways that will help students from Hindi-medium to improve their English.


1. Have faith in yourself

Students of Hindi medium who want to take up this one-month challenge to improve English must have faith in themselves. No doubt, there will be a lot of self-doubt and questions that will strike students' minds regarding their progress.

But, students need to have a unidirectional approach and faith in their hard work. With this faith, they can achieve their goal of improving their English in four weeks.

Students should take this challenge with a progressive mindset. If they don't keep their approach welcoming then they can face a lot of hurdles throughout the learning journey.


2. Stay away from distractions

If the students want to achieve the goal of improving their English then it’s very important to keep all the distractions at a bay.

Students only want to improve their English in 29 days. Therefore, it's high time that students should stay away from social media, the internet, TV, or other distractions to pay undivided attention to the goal of improving their English.

By nullifying all these distractions, students will get more free time that they can use to practice English to achieve their goals in the minimum possible time.

This may seem impossible at the first glance. But, once students start adopting this methodology then they can easily improve their English in 29 days.


3. Practice as much as you can

Students need to understand that only going through the English concepts is not enough for improving their English in 29 days.

If students want to achieve a good flair in English then students need to prepare for all four aspects of the language i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

To improve their speaking skills, students should lay a proper focus on improving listening skills. The more a student can assimilate while listening, the more the student will get into speaking.

On similar grounds, if students want to improve their writing then they need to lay a proper emphasis on reading. Both of these skills go hand-in-hand with the improvement.

Students must make sure that they divide their time in such a way that they can practice every module. Because English is not about having a command of a particular skill but it is comprehensive learning.


4. English is everywhere

Many students give the excuse that they don’t get the opportunity to learn English from their surroundings but this is not the case.

If students pay proper attention to their surroundings then they can observe that there are ample opportunities that can help them learn English.

Moreover, there are various books, magazines, podcasts to listen to, English TV shows, libraries, websites, and newspapers that can help improve English.

All this material is readily available and students can make the most out of it to use it to the maximum potential. Students just need to have their eyes open and they will see the opportunities to learn English knocking on their doors.


5. Practice at home

Practice is the only mantra that can help students gain fluency in English. No matter on which aspect you want to lay more focus be it reading, writing, speaking, or listening, you can always practice at home.

You don’t need anyone to have your practice sessions with. If you have a mirror in your room, you are good to go.

The Mirror technique is one of the most amazing techniques that can help students improve their English. While using this technique, students only need to stand in front of the mirror and speak to the practice.

Students can even read the passages by looking into the mirror or can even repeat the listening exercises to improve.

This is one of the most amazing techniques that will come in handy for the students to practice and improve on any aspect in which they are facing difficulty.


6. Speak in full sentences

Nowadays, with the prevailing trend of social media, students have developed the habit of talking in shorter sentences or one-word answers.

If students want to improve their English in 29 days, then this habit won't land them anywhere. Students need to use long sentences with a complex structure that will help them use extensive grammar.

For example, if asked by a friend “How are you?” then instead of saying “Fine” try to say “I am doing fine, thank you. How about you?”

This may seem very overrated at the first glance but this is something that will not only develop the habit of speaking fluently among the students but will also improve their English.


7. Manage your time well

Improving English is all about managing time effectively. Students have various other things that need to be accomplished in a day.

Therefore, it becomes quite unmanageable for them to get time to practice English and improve upon this aspect.

There are times when students get a bundle of assignments that need to be submitted in stipulated duration. In the course of making those assignments and submitting them on time, students hardly find any time for improving their English.

Students can make use of the Pomodoro technique to make maximum use of the time. Besides that, they can even design a meticulous timetable to achieve the goal.

The timetable should be designed in such a way that there is proper time allocated for each task and students can even focus on improving their English.


8. Do self-study

Self-study is the best kind of study that students can do to improve their English.

Most of the students will find it very difficult but if they want to achieve the milestone of improving English in 29 days then proper dedication must be offered.

Even though a student will give a few hours in a day for self-improvement. But, this will also account for a magnanimous change if considered on a monthly aspect.

Revision for English is important with every passing day. Therefore, students can’t even miss a single day without studying English.


Final Thoughts

By following the above-mentioned ways Hindi-medium students can improve their English in 29 days.

But, for all this, students need to be consistent with their goals. If they have a zeal to improve then no force can stop them from improving their English.

Every single step will be very crucial for the students for this 29 days journey. Most importantly, students should keep up with their morale and don't feel demotivated by others' opinions.

English just requires perseverance and practice. Once the students lead on this path then they can easily become fluent in English without many hurdles.


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