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  • March 31, 2022
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You can easily download the ISC pdf by visiting the official website for CISCE. This will offer you a dedicated section for ISC from where you can download the syllabus or the timetable for the ISC.


The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations popularly known as CISCE is a private education board in the country that is responsible for conducting the ISC examinations for class 12th.


It follows the Cambridge regulations to offer an international standard of education in India. Many schools in the country are affiliated with the CISCE board. But, these numbers are way less than the CBSE schools in India.


If you want to migrate from one city to another then you will surely find a CBSE school in that city. But, there is no surety whether you will be able to find the CISCE school in that place.


ISC exams are very important for the students as they help to get them admitted to the dream college. But, the question is how to excel at the ISC exams?


To excel in the ISC class 12 exams, you must have a well-planned study plan, exam strategies, dedication, and most importantly, good-quality books.


The resources and the books you use for these exams matter a lot and they play a vital role in designing your preparation roadmap.


If you neglect this part and compromise with the study material then you will suffer at a later stage.


The internet is loaded with the resources available for the ISC class 12 exam preparation. It is always advisable to seek assistance from books.


But, due to the pandemic and ever-evolving requirements of education, most students prefer to study from e-books.


But, your major concern must be to find a reliable resource to download the ISC books for your preparation. You need not go with every single resource that comes your way.


You have to be vigilant enough to choose only those resources that will help you in your exams. Otherwise, there is no use in possessing the books and grabbing various other resources.


The Indian School Certificate (ISC), 12th class books prescribed books list is also available on the official website of the CISCE Board.


You can check this list in the first place to know which books are there for your exams that you should download.


Now, the major concern is how to download the ISC books online. Need not worry, you can follow these simple steps to download the ISC books for your preparation in no time.


1. Go to the official website of the CISCE board


2. Click on the "Downloads" section


3. Now you will see a PDF file opened in front of you


4. Download the PDF file and save it on your laptop or PC for later use


Before grabbing the books, you must be well aware of the subjects in various streams of ISC class 12. This will give you a clear picture of the books that you need for your preparation.



List of Subjects



English (compulsory subject)

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (Elective Subjects)




English (compulsory subject)

Economics, Commerce, Business Studies, Mathematics, Accounts  (Elective Subjects)



History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Economics







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