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  • April 30, 2022
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Candidates who will appear for the CUET 2022 exam need to have an elaborate plan and strategy to do well in the exam. The National Test Agency conducts the exam and is highly competitive.

If you appear for the exam, then you should have some handy tips at your disposal. Here are some common steps to take:



Check the CUET Syllabus:


When you decide to appear for CUET 2022, always remember to check the syllabus. Although most competitive exams release the syllabus beforehand, there are times when the syllabus changes.

Furthermore, it is not just the syllabus that changes, and sometimes even the pattern can change.

Always make it a point to check the syllabus and only check credible sources. There is always a chance that other sources, the non-credible ones, misreport some information.

Make sure that you check the pattern and the syllabus as per the sections.



Read the news and information:


Another tip to keep in mind is to always check up on information. This will require some homework, and you will need to keep yourself updated on the press releases and information released.

Apart from the CUET 2022 exam pattern, you will also have to look into the college requirements.

The colleges you will apply to through CUET 2022 will have a different set of prerequisites and requirements for admission. So, to ensure that you set your goals respectively, ensure that you have the required information.



Prepare, regardless of the time:


Most students feel that if they start at the last minute, they won’t be able to prepare. However, that is not the case.

As long as you know the syllabus and refer to good books to prepare, a week’s worth of study, at least strategic study, will help you crack the exam.



1. For Preparation when you have time:


When you have time, you can prepare by devoting time to different sections equally. This will give you enough time to work on individual sections.

Additionally, by devoting equal study time to the different sections, you will be able to figure out where strengths and weaknesses lie. This will help you change your strategy as well.

As you near your exam, make sure to start with practice tests. When you take practice tests, remember to time yourself, this will help you understand how you perform. You can find practice tests online.



2. For Last-minute Preparation:



If you are short on time to prepare for the exam, make sure that you start section-wise study. Always start with the easy sections, and prepare them well.

Once you cover some ground with the easy sections, start with the difficult parts. Easy sections will help you secure one aspect of the exam, which will take the pressure off your shoulders.

A few days before the exam, take a mock test. Time yourself with the mock test, and check your performance. Once you know where you lack, remember to refocus your study sessions on your weaknesses.



Additional Tips for CUET Preparation


1. Divide Time:


Ideally, you should devote about two to two and a half hours a day studying for your class 12th However, if you finish your board exams, try and devote as many hours as possible to make up for the time.

It is not easy to prepare for a competitive exam with your boards, so waste no time after your board examinations to begin your preparations.



2. Stay Motivated:


As it is with exams, it is common for students to become overwhelmed with education and studies. It can become difficult for you to concentrate on your studies. If you feel that your motivation is suffering, find some guidance.

Speak to your school teachers and look for some help. A way to keep yourself motivated when it comes to preparation is to take mock tests on the sections you know well.

This will give you the confidence to continue. However, remember to practice other sections once you’re up to speed.



3. Don’t Skip on Revision:


When you study for competitive exams, it is common for you to go over information and subject matter over and over. It is due to this that it is common for students to skip revision because you may feel that they know all that you need to.

However, the mind may forget some information only because there’s so much to remember, which revising, especially constant revision, is important.

Instead of taking the longer route by going over matters in the books, create your notes. You will find it easy to remember what you studied when going over your handwritten notes.

With that said, make it a point to check the pattern updates and syllabus revisions by CUET periodically. Along with that, keep a check on the universities and their requirements.






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