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  • April 01, 2022
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Most of the students think that it is very difficult to top in class 10.


But, if you have completed your entire syllabus in due time and you are doing enough practice from previous year's papers and sample papers then you can easily top in class 10.


You can refer to great sample papers available in the market for your practice sessions.



1. Read the question paper thoroughly


The very first thing is to read your paper well and understand what is being asked. Before writing the answers, clearly understand what is being asked and how much you need to write for it as per the marks for that question.



2. Use the first 15 minutes effectively


You get a time slot of 15 minutes, in the beginning, to go through the question paper. Make sure that you are using this time to only read the question paper.


While going through the questions, make sure to mark the questions into categories like easy, manageable, and tough. This will help you get a fair idea of which questions you need to attempt in the first place.



3. Stop thinking about the tough ones


When you witness some difficult questions on the question paper then you enter into panic mode.


Sometimes, it’s just that you find the questions difficult at the very first glance but when you start solving them, you find them way easier than you thought.



4. Prioritize your attempt


Make sure that you always follow the pattern of attempting the easy questions first and then going for the manageable ones. Make sure that you complete all of them before going for the difficult questions.


This will make sure that you have attempted all the questions that you know by heart.


As you successfully attempt all the easy and manageable questions, you will gain a sense of confidence and become mentally ready prepared to take on the difficult questions.



5. Practice With Previous Years’ Question Papers and Sample Papers


Make sure that you religiously solve the last 5 years’ question papers if you want to score excellent marks in your board exams.


It will help you get acquainted with the question pattern and the trends being followed by the board from previous years. Also, don’t forget to solve the latest sample papers.


They will help you understand your preparedness level and can work upon your weak areas to score well in board exams.



6. Polish Your Weak Areas


Once you start giving the mock tests or solving the sample papers, you will get a fair idea about your weaknesses.


Now, it's time to convert those weak areas into strong parts. When you concert your weakness to your strengths then you get a whole level of confidence that will help you shine in the board exams.



7. Stay Away From Social Media


The more you stay away from social media, the more peaceful you will become. Rather than wasting your time on social media, devote your hard work and focus on your studies.


This will make you feel more accomplished. In addition to that, if you want to take some break in between the study session, then go for a walk or do some exercise rather than sitting on social media sites.



8. Night Just Before the Exam


A night before the exam is very crucial in deciding your mindset for the day of the exam. Don't over-stress yourself a day before the exam. Just revise those topics that you have already done and don't go for any new topics.


This will help you stay away from anxiety and you will perform exceptionally well on the day of the exam.






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