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  • April 12, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


NCERT exemplar is issued by the official publication house of NCERT. You can easily get them in the market or if you don’t want to purchase the hard copy, you can download it in pdf format from online resources.


NCERT Exemplar Books for CBSE students are formulated by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).


These Exemplar books will help you prepare for the exam and enlightens you with the subject knowledge from a broader perspective.


You can easily download these books in pdf format to get the best out of them. Various online resources allow you to download them without even paying a single penny.


These books will help you cover the CBSE syllabus as well prepare for various other competitive exams.


You will get a better understanding of the concepts and improve your problem-solving skills with the help of the NCERT exemplar. Therefore, it will ultimately speed up your learning process and your capacity to process things easily.


If you want to prepare some extra questions with varied difficulty levels then the NCERT exemplar will act as a one-stop solution for your needs.


These books come with the new concepts introduced and even comprise the skill-developing questions.


These books will not only help you but will also assist the teachers in applying the concepts that have been learned and taught to you in the classes. Your basic foundation for the concepts is built using the NCERT Books.


Most importantly, you will get an idea about how to apply the concepts learned in real-life situations with the assistance of these books.



What are the benefits of NCERT exemplar for students?


You will get the opportunity to easily solve the questions using high-order thinking skills.


You will get better conceptual clarity and be able to use the concepts in practice.


The advanced level questions will help you build advanced skills in the core subjects like science and maths.


It will further help to increase your logical and analytical skills in a better fashion.


You will get an opportunity to understand its potential and develop a passion for any subject in-depth.


You will develop a skill to solve the twisted questions because of various practice exercises available in the exemplar.


It will help you in your overall growth and development in addition to academic success.


With the help of NCERT Exemplar, you will understand all the concepts clearly and build a strong base to deal with the subjects like Maths and Science.


If you want to pursue your desired course in higher studies going through with the NCERT Exemplars is a must for your performance. 


You can easily tackle Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions in the CBSE board exam if you practice the advanced level questions in the exemplar book of NCERT.


In addition to that, you will also develop problem-solving abilities.


You will find the well-structured questions and solutions with the NCERT exemplar. This set of questions is developed by a panel of experts that will help you build your overall personality.


Even if you are planning to crack competitive exams like JEE or NEET then also these exemplar books will act as a blessing in disguise for your needs.






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