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  • April 03, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


You can study for 7-8 hours in a day to score good marks in class 10 board exams. But, these 7-8 hours must be truly productive for your study.


You can achieve maximum productivity by designing a meticulous timetable that has proper breaks and time for rest. This will not make study tiring for you.


The Class 10 board exams are just around coming and you must have devoted your entire time to the books. Class 10th results are important for everyone therefore everyone is trying to give their best.


The secret behind this lies in planning their everyday schedule meticulously to achieve the goal. You should effectively manage time by avoiding any sort of distractions and unproductive activities so need to procrastinate at a later stage.


To get an idea about the number of hours that you should study in a day, we have come up with the top-notch schedule that you must follow for succeeding in your class 10.



Best Time Table to Follow


6 AM: Get up and finish your daily activities. Take out some time for light exercises to enhance your focus. Also, read the daily newspaper for all the updates.


7 AM: Morning is the best time for enhanced grasping power. Take that subject in the first place where you find difficulty be it Maths, Science, or whatever you feel like.


9 AM: It's time for a break and a nutritious breakfast. Don’t consume junk or oily food as it will make you lethargic. Just focus on your studies at this point.


9.20 AM: Take a quick revision of 10-minutes of the concepts you studied in the morning.


9.30 AM: Now, it’s time to improve your score with a scoring subject like Mathematics or Chemistry. You can take each of these subjects on alternate days or study daily as per your requirements.


11.30 AM: Take a revision session of 30 minutes to check your learning for the previous study session


12:00 Noon: Have a healthy and nutritious lunch break


12.30 PM: You can take a power nap to re-charge your batteries and assimilate other things with enhanced focus and dedication.


1.30 PM: After waking, you have enhanced focus levels. Therefore, you can try solving Physics equations. Put your maximum energy into the study session. You can take up this session for two and a half hours.


4 PM: Take a short tea/coffee break. You can rest for half an hour to start with.


4.30 PM: Now, take a subject that you’re confident about. Your focus might not be at the highest level at this time therefore, it is an ideal time to study a safe subject.


6.30 PM: Take out time for some rejuvenating sports or fun activities like walking, swimming, etc.


7.30 PMPractice writing. You have to write a lot for the class 10 board exams. Therefore, you must practice answer writing in neat handwriting by maintaining speed and accuracy.


8.30 PM: This is your time for taking up a language subject like English to improve your knowledge of the subject matter.


9.30 PM: It’s time to grab your dinner.


10.00 PM: Go the sleep. You can consume a hot cup of milk to encounter peaceful sleep.


This is the best timetable that you can follow for class 10. According to this, you have sufficient time in a day for study as well as rest. So, make the most out of it.






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