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How Many Sample Papers Should I Solve in a Day for Class 10?

How Many Sample Papers Should I Solve in a Day for Class 10?

  • April 25, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Class 10th is a major milestone in the school journey which marks the beginning of making choices based on interest. It is the first time a student is appearing for a national level exam which is given each year by 2.9 million students.The syllabus is vast, time is less and the pressure to perform is real.

First, cover the syllabus as quickly as you can. A lot of students try covering the majority of the syllabus by summer vacation so that they get maximum time to revise and test what they have learned. Sample papers are a preparation tool that gives insight into the typology, types of questions, and marks allotted. There is no maximum number of sample papers one can solve in a day. How many sample papers you can solve in a day depends on various factors like study schedule, familiarity with exam patterns, and your level of preparation. 

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Quality Over Quantity

It is more important to focus on solving papers effectively rather than just completing a certain number in the day. Make sure you understand the concepts being tested and analyze your mistakes thoroughly. 

Balanced Approach 

Aim for a balance where you divide your time between solving papers and doing other study activities such as revising concepts, practicing problem-solving and revising notes. 


Time Management 

Allocate a reasonable amount of time for each sample paper, including time for solving, checking answers, and analyzing mistakes. Don’t rush through them just to meet a target number.  

Compounding Effect

Start with a manageable number of sample papers per day, and gradually increase the quantity as you build your stamina and confidence. Overloading yourself with too many papers in a day can lead to burnout and diminish the quality of your preparation

Constant Efforts 

Consistent practice is the key to success. Set a realistic goal for solving sample papers and stick to it. Even if you can only manage to solve one or two papers per day, doing so consistently will yield better results than sporadic bursts of intense practice. 

Identify your Mistakes

After solving each sample paper, evaluate your performance honestly. Identify areas of strength and weakness, and focus your future study efforts accordingly. 


This is the mantra for success, use Oswaal Books CBSE Sample Papers and Question Banks for Class 10th to test your preparedness. 

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You can solve as many as 4 sample papers or 2 sample question papers. It completely depends on you. Solving Sample papers takes time and you need to keep a balance. 

All the Best!

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