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How many subjects are there in CBSE Class 4?

How many subjects are there in CBSE Class 4?

  • May 17, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The fourth class is a stepping stone in children’s academics. This level signals the shift from primary to upper primary school, and the subjects are therefore more diversified here than before. The blog will provide insight into what different subjects of CBSE Class 4 curriculum. 

Major Subjects for CBSE Class 4

CBSE Class 4 curriculum emphasizes laying a strong foundation in major subjects such as:

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English: This subject lays emphasis on developing reading comprehension and writing skills alongside vocabulary. Students will be exposed to stories, poems and basic grammar through their CBSE Class 4 English Books.

Hindi: Just like English, Hindi concentrates on reading comprehension, writing skills as well as vocabulary development. Student will get deeper into the matters of Hindi grammar and literature through their CBSE Class 4 Hindi Books.

Mathematics: This subject introduces more complex mathematical concepts like multiplication, division, fractions and geometry. So for practicing and developing a good math base, rely on CBSE Class 4 Maths Books when needed.

Environmental Studies (EVS): An aim of this particular subject is to make children love nature and comprehend its delicate equilibrium. EVS covers topics such as plants, animals, pollution and conservation.

Science: Building upon the foundation laid in EVS, Science delves deeper into scientific concepts like the human body, states of matter, force and motion, etc. When you have no idea how to present your ideas at once, use CBSE Class 4 Science Books that can better guide you during the learning process.

Computer (Optional): This course offers students an elementary understanding of computers in school life. They study computer parts with basic programming notions, among other things, including internet safety issues.

Encouraging Creativity And Expression

Developing creativity also forms part of the curriculum:

Art Education: Art education enables students to learn more about their creative skills through activities such as drawing, painting and clay modelling.

Value Education: The objective of this subject is to foster moral values and life skills among children. It deals with topics like honesty, respect and responsibility.


Other Subjects for 360º Development

CBSE Class 4 curriculum, on the other hand, transcends textbooks only. Schools usually engage in extra-curricular activities like:

Physical Education: This is essential for the physical development of a child and includes running, jumping and playing games.

Music: Music education helps children develop rhythm, coordination, and an appreciation for the arts.

Yoga (Optional): Yoga has now found its place in schools as it has been proven to be beneficial both physically and mentally.

The CBSE Class 4 curriculum offers a holistic learning experience that addresses the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of a child. By knowing what different subjects involve you will be in a better position to support your child’s academic journey throughout the year. Remember to use resources such as CBSE Class 4 Books for each subject which can significantly enhance their learning experience.

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