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  • January 01, 2022
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Learning comes with no age bar!!


Heard it before?


If not, let me tell you that this is a life-changing mantra that you can adopt in your life.


Being a teacher is not at all an easy job!


If you are a teacher then you can easily relate to it. You need to go to the classroom, take a lecture, then see the performance of the students.


If it is not up to the mark then you need to help them improve their performance and so on.


You need to perform ‘n’ number of tasks while being a teacher.


In this entire process, you come across various types of students.


Every student is unique in their way. While teaching in the class, you can learn various commendable things from the students.


If you are a good observant and observe the students properly, then there are various things that you can learn from them.


In addition to that, all those things can be very helpful in your daily life.


But, you must be thinking about what you can learn from the students?



So, without delaying much, let’s get started!!



1. Having a space for students is a must! 


Take a hypothetical situation of a class where is a teacher is only delivering a lecture in the class and whether students are understanding something or not, the teacher is going with his/her pace.


How inconvenient this situation will be?


Put yourself in the shoes of the students and then think of this situation.


Isn’t it monotonous?


Yes, it will be very boring to attend such sort of class and there will be no concentration from the student’s end.


So, what can you do?


Being a teacher doesn't mean delivering mere lectures in the class. But, you should be open to students' voices and feedbacks.


Ask the students what seems interesting to them? Ask them whether they liked the way you delivered the lecture or not?


Seek some suggestions from their end to incorporate into your teaching regime.


Students are growing with the rapid pace of their lives and so does their understanding abilities. There might be some students who can suggest you a game to build the interest of students during the lectures.


It will be a win-win situation for both ends.


So, always provide opportunities to the students to take their valuable insights. They will also help you grow with the fast-forward moving lifestyle.



2. Allow students to talk about themselves


While teaching, take some sessions in the class where students can talk about themselves.


During the sessions, students can talk about their dreams and what they want to become.


While listening to all this, you will find that some want to be doctors, engineers, artists, pilots, dancers, and what not.


Every student will have a different aspiration among them. This will not only help you to see the shine in their eyes while talking about their dreams.


But, you will also witness that there are no limits to their dreams.


This is one of the great opportunities to learn from the students that there are no limits applied to your dreams.


If you can dream something then you can achieve it sooner or later.


You should also feel the same energy in you whether you want to excel in your career or want to give any additional exams.



3. Give time to students to enjoy things 


Have you ever noticed in your class that when you start some topic out of the blues then students find it more fascinating?


Well, sometimes students get bored of the same thing repeatedly being told during class. And when something comes in their way that is truly out of the box, makes them rejuvenated.


You can also stop a bit during the lectures to give time to the students to enjoy themselves.


This will not only refreshes them but also fill them with a new ray of hope.


By witnessing all such things, you can easily make out that it is not always the large accomplishments that can give you happiness.


But, these are the small things that can make your life fulfilled.


If you miss upon these small things then you never feel accomplished and will keep on repenting for large things.



4. Keep on trying hard for what you want


A teacher checks the knowledge of the student at various steps. Be it through the medium of tests or exams.


For example, give a mock test to the student to solve in the class. Even if the student is unable to complete the test then also he/she will put in their best effort.


And for the next time, you will that they are trying their level best and they have accomplished their goals.


This attitude of never stopping yourself to achieve something that students show is tremendous.


When you witness all these things happening in front of your eyes, then you also realize the importance of rising from ashes.


No matter how many times you fail, you can always start afresh and succeed. No one can better depict this as the students can help their teachers learn this.



5. See the best in everyone


The type of students that a teacher sees in the class are poles apart.


There might be some students who are eager to answer every question asked by you. And there might be some who feel hesitant to speak in front of everyone.


But, there must be a distinguishing quality among everyone that makes them different from others.


And everyone is unique in their way.


Moreover, these students are so engrossed in themselves that they hardly pay attention to comparing themselves with others.


You can also learn this thing from the students that how to remain happy with the way you are.


This will not only gives you contentment but will also act as a life savior throughout your career and life.



Final Thoughts


Teachers can learn a lot from their students. You just need to be observant enough to encounter different things happening in the class.


There is nothing like that you can’t learn from students.


Students are getting very advanced with this fast-paced life and you have plenty of options to learn various things from students.


You can start with having genuine feedback from the students to improve upon your teaching style and then try to adopt some changes to it.


The ways discussed above are not the only ones in which you can learn from the students. You just need to be a bit more careful and observant and you are good to go.


So don't hesitate to learn from anyone that comes across your way.


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Happy learning!!



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