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  • March 10, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books



You study for approximately 7-8 hours a day for your board exams.


But, can you say these 7-8 hours as completely productive hours of your day?


Some of you will say yes while others say no. But, the majority of you will say no because you know somewhere in your heart that you only get 1-2 hours of productive study from these 7-8 hours.


Then, where is the rest of the time-draining?


Don’t have any clue about it, Right?


But, this is the peak time for your board preparation where you need to be most productive. Then what to do?


Organize your day and plan things to use every bit of your time. You can use the time blocking technique for this purpose.


You must be asking yourself, do I know what is time blocking technique?


Need not worry and just pull up your socks to know about this technique and how you can implement it in your day.


Getting curious? Keep on reading the further sections to have a crystal clear knowledge about this technique.



What is the time blocking technique?


When you hear the name time blocking, then don’t you feel that it is something high-end where you need to block your time?


Precisely saying, it is not so!!


The time blocking technique is one of the most amazing time management techniques that will make your productivity upside down.


In this technique, you have the whole authority to plan your entire day well in advance so that no other things can steal your time.


By reading all this, you must be feeling it as very messy.


But, its’ not!!


When you plan everything and give definite time in terms of blocks to that task then your chances of skipping that task or not giving it due time becomes very less.


For example, there are various things that you plan in a day, be it revising some previous topic or starting something new from the scratch.


If you give a specific time block to that task, then you have this thought in your subconscious mind that “I have to do x task at y time”.


It will make you more organized and productive for the things that you are planning to complete in a day.



How does it work?


The core principle behind the time blocking technique is to increase your focus tenfold.


Studies have revealed that if you focus on a single task for a particular time, then you become 80% more productive than before. But, on the other hand, if you keep on splitting your focus then it won't land you anywhere.


When you use time blocking, then you give your undivided focus to a single task for a particular task.


This is because you know, you have designated time blocks for other tasks as well that would have otherwise distracted you.


Therefore, time blocking primarily works on getting your attention to a particular task at a particular time to enhance productivity.


But, does this mean it will suit everyone?




Some people would consider it as a highly draining effort for time and energy while others want to be flexible. But, if you are a student then this technique will surely help you in your exam preparations.


Now, the question is, how to use it?


You will get your answer with a complete explanation in the next section.



How to implement time blocking in your schedule?


Most of you must be thinking that “I had planned my day so many times but still I was not able to do everything that I planned”.


This is one of the most common issues faced by every student. But, by planning your day even if you are not able to accomplish everything but still you manage to do some things that can vow for your productivity.


Therefore, you can give at least one shot to the time blocking technique.


Here is the step-by-step process in which you can set up your own time blocking system.


1. Start with high priority tasks


The very first question that you need to ask yourself is why you want to use this technique? What do you want to achieve with this? Do you want to increase your focus on some tasks? Do you want to reduce your screen time?


When you get the clarity about your purpose then you are all set to decide upon your goal for the day. This will help you efficiently block your time for the day.


For example, your board exams are coming but still, you are not focusing on solving sample papers. Then you can use this technique to divert your focus and time.


This is what makes you ready to start with the technique.



2. Create a bookend template for your day


Now, it’s time to create a  template to block your time. Everyone will have a different set of priorities so, their templates will be different.


You need to block your time as per your priorities.


For example, you first want to solve a sample paper for board preparation in the morning, then learn a chapter from History in the afternoon, followed by lunch and solving Maths questions in the evening.


Therefore, you will block time for the tasks as per their time required in the morning, evening, or afternoon. Some can give more time in the morning than evening while others are opposite.


You can set the template as per the time you can devote in a day.



3. Segregate time for deep and shallow tasks


To be productive throughout the day, you need to follow a productivity cycle. With this cycle, decide upon which high priority and low priority time blocks.


Some people like to complete one long task in a single sitting while others love to do it in sessions. You can choose this as per your choice.


But, make sure that you devote the first 1-2 hours in the morning to highly focused things. This will not only make you productive but will also help you do meaningful work with more focus.


For example, you can consider solving sample paper as a deep task whereas revising an old concept is a shallow task.



4. Add blocks for reactive tasks


With the ongoing pandemic, the power of smartphones can’t be neglected. There are times when most of your study material is shared on the phone or there are some important messages.


You can even block time for checking out your phone for important things. But, instead of giving a large duration for it, divide this time into small chunks.


The most important thing is that, don’t give time to this in the most productive hours. Otherwise, you will stay glued to it and it will hamper your entire day.



5. Fill it with a to-do list


Now, you have a template ready for you. It's time to list down the tasks that you want to accomplish in a day into this template.


You can fill the tasks in the template-based upon their priority and whether they are deep or shallow.


No doubt, this entire process is tedious and will not be very clear at the very first time.


You should give your time and practice it regularly to be more productive with this technique.





Time blocking technique when practiced regularly can reform your entire day.


The amount of focus and dedication that you will start building with this technique is truly commendable.


Just make your template and try blocking your time for the day with this technique and see how it will make your day productive.


Don’t forget to take breaks while using it, otherwise, you will feel more exhausted and it will hamper your focus.


Hope you have liked this technique.


Try it out and write your experience in the comment section below!!



All the best!





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