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  • May 05, 2022
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Application Process for CAT exam 2022


The CAT exam 2022 registration and application process must be completed in order to take the CAT exam and be admitted to the IIMs, respectively.


Online registration for the CAT exam cum application process is available at, and the forms must be completed and submitted there. To register for the CAT exam for the year 2022 and fill out the application form, follow these steps:


1. Go to the website


2. To create a new account, select 'New User'.


3. To register, please include your full name, birth date, nationality, email address, and cell phone number.


4. Enter the captcha code and click 'submit.'


5. On both the email address and the mobile phone number, you'll get an OTP.


6. The OTP can be used to authenticate the registration of an account.


7. Next, fill out the personal information section of the CAT exam application form with your name and contact details.


8. Please attach a passport-sized photograph and your signature to this form.


9. You must include your academic information, such as your grade point average (GPA) from grades 10 through 12, and the degree you earned (undergraduate, graduate, or professional).


10. Select an IIM course, campus, and city of preference.


11. Pay fees for the CAT exam with a debit/credit card, bank account, or e-wallet.



Preparing for the CAT from April onward, here are five maximas.


Aspirants are mostly assessed on their ability to apply topics in the CAT exam. It's best to start as soon as possible because the syllabus is extensive and you need to develop a strong foundation for the CAT exam.


1. Learn from the very beginning- It's imperative that you focus on this area of your preparations. CAT exam questions can be difficult to answer if you don't understand the fundamentals. With a deep understanding of concepts, it is easier to come up with creative solutions.



2. Continuation of the Practice of Reading- To do well in the VARC portion, you need to create a long-term and consistent reading habit. I can state with certainty, that reading regularly has a clear correlation to doing well in Reading Comprehension for the CAT exam.



3. This is not your undoing, LRDI- It's safe to say that LRDI won't be your downfall for your CAT exam. I'm not trying to sell you a notion with this statement.


This is meant to jolt you out of any drowsiness you may have fallen into as a result of following the herd. It's difficult and time-consuming, and that's to be expected.



4. Keeping a Schedule- When preparing for CAT exam, it is critical to stick to a schedule. Don't let a single day pass you by. Even on your worst days (and there will be some), do something and take in as much as you can.


Don't set your sights too high at the beginning of the CAT exam.



Admit Card for CAT 2022


Only those who have enrolled for the CAT exam for the year 2022 will be provided an admit card. It will be made accessible for download from the IIMCAT website once it is published online.


The admit card for the CAT exam will be available in the fourth week of October. To take the exam, you must bring your admit card with you. The steps to obtain your CAT exam admit card are outlined below:


1. Take a look at the IIMCAT web page.


2. To access your CAT exam 2022 admission card, click the link provided.


3. CAT ID and password are required to download the admit card.


4. In your account, click on the "admit card" tab


5. Open the admit card for the CAT exam 2022 and save it as a PDF.



Results of CAT 2022


In the first week of January 2023, the CAT exam for the year 2022 results will be released. By checking in to their CAT account, candidates will be given access to their scorecards.


Candidates' sectional and overall marks, CAT scores and percentiles will be included on the scorecard. The steps for downloading your CAT exam 2022 results are outlined below:


1.Visit the IIMCAT website.


2. To access the CAT 2022 Scorecard, click on 'CAT 2022 Scorecard'


3. The CAT application number and password are required to get in.


4. The 'scorecard' option can be clicked.


5. The CAT exam 2022 scorecard is available in PDF form.





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