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How to Avoid 5 Often Made Mistakes By New Teachers?

How to Avoid 5 Often Made Mistakes By New Teachers?

  • March 27, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

It is very thrilling when a teacher enters his/her own classroom for the first time. He/she knows that he/she is filled with knowledge and vigour, and can ignite the young minds. However, even the most prepared teachers are often faced by unforeseen difficulties. Here are five common mistakes new teachers make and how you can navigate your first year with confidence. 

The Lone Wolf: Failing to Seek Support

    Teaching may seem like a solo act but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Veteran teachers have years of experience which they can share with you in guidance. You need not shy off from asking for help in classroom management, lesson planning or simply talking about your bad day.

    Action Step: • Find a mentor in your school who is a senior teacher; many schools have formal programmes for this but you can also approach a teacher whom you admire.• Schedule regular meetings where you can discuss challenges and possible solutions.

    Bonus Tip: Make friends with other teachers at your workplace. Share resources, plan collaborative activities together as well as create support groups during difficult times.

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    The Control Freak: Micromanaging Every Moment

      Building structure in the class is important, but do not fall into the trap of being obsessed with every little thing that happens there. Allow your students to learn from their mistakes and nurture independence.

      Action Step: • At the start of each academic year, set clear expectations and routines.• Teach them how to enter/leave the classroom appropriately as well as complete assignments successfully and ask questions if stuck. Once habits become established this should happen naturally without much input from you.

      Bonus Tip: Delegate tasks! Classroom jobs should be assigned to students so that they take ownership of their education or divide students into small teaching teams within each class aiming at creating more responsibility among learners.

      The Information Dump:  Focusing on Content Over Understanding

        True education goes beyond memorization although curriculum content must be covered. Make sure that students can explain the reason for what they have learned.

        Action Step: • Activities that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving and application of knowledge should be integrated into the curriculum.• Students’ discussions, debates and real life projects are encouraged.

        Bonus Tip: Change your teaching methods! Though lectures are useful, do not depend solely on them. Use visual aids as well as computers, put students into simulations and play different games to suit various learning styles while keeping them interested in the subject matter.


        The Scorekeeper: Getting Bogged Down in Grading

          Grading is a necessary part of teaching but it should not consume all your time. It is a tool through which teachers give feedback to learners and guide their studies rather than an end by itself in terms of assigning letter grades.

          Action Step: • Introduce self-assessment and peer review techniques among your students allowing them to take charge of their own education besides developing reflective skills.• This will enable learners become owners of their own education while also developing their skills in critical reflection.

          Bonus Tip: Concentrate more on detailed feedback other than just “good job” or “incorrect”. Additionally, you need to outline areas where improvement can be made as well as highlight strengths during evaluations.

          The Burnout Artist: Neglecting Your Well-being

          Being a teacher is demanding. Often we get so involved with our students’ welfare until we neglect ourselves. A worn-out tutor does not make an effectual instructor either.

          Action Step: • Find time for yourself; set aside some moments doing what you love like reading novels, spending time with friends/family members or pursuing hobbies that you enjoy most.

          Bonus Tip: Be firm about your boundaries; there is no need feeling bad when you are not available at all times even late hours at night. Therefore, create definite working period that you will observe consistently whenever possible.


          Remember teaching keeps one moving forward always learning. Using these strategies and obtaining some help, you should look forward to having an enjoyable and successful first year in class.

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